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Chronoswiss enters the Metaverse world and unveils a new watch collection.

Chronoswiss, the Swiss manufacturer of luxury mechanical watches, is launching a metaverse wristwatch! Iconic watchmakers meet the challenge of Web3 head on with a unique and exclusive timepiece. In addition, the authentic Chronoswiss Atelier (workshop) has been completely rebuilt in Decentraland. 

The Open Gear ReSec Sugar Rush Digital Wearable Watch is a limited edition of 100 units that people can use for their Decentraland avatars. Notably, eight special-edition real-life watches are also available. So is the Chronoswiss Metaverse a watch? 

What is a Chronoswiss metaverse watch? 

Famous watchmakers did their best to create this metaverse timepiece. By recreating Chronoswiss Atelier in Decentraland, they created a truly unique experience that connects the real world with the web3. 

“We understand Metaverse Internet as the next evolutionary step, where business and gaming merge into a unique customer experience. We know that this is a contribution to a vision that is still unclear. But it is exciting, and any promising vision needs people to believe in it.

“The Virtual Atelier is a laboratory for extraordinary ideas in a world without borders,” says Oliver Ebstein, owner and CEO of Chronoswiss. The Sugar Rush watch is now available at Decentraland. The Sugar Rush watch is an interesting twist on the classic Chronoswiss design.

Watchmakers describe it as a “modern mechanical confectionary – on steroids”. Example: The case is a bold purple, with a mix of colors and vibrant images inside. It’s a hybrid piece that also reflects the promise of digital vision and classic mechanical watchmaking. 

In addition, the atelier in Lucerne, Switzerland, will exclusively create eight real-life watches. Each watch is associated with an NFT received by the buyer. 


Finally, those interested in the new Chronoswiss watch should head over to their Decentraland virtual atelier at -101.8. Here you can see the amazing project and the wider plans of Chronoswiss in the metaverse. 

Renowned Swiss watchmaker Chronoswiss enters the metaverse with its limited edition watch collection. The Metaverse watch collection is called “Open Gear ReSec Sugar Rush”.

The Metaverse watch collection is a limited edition of only 100 pieces. For example, the inside of the case is painted bright purple and is a combination of different shades. It is a hybrid piece that showcases both traditional mechanical watchmaking techniques and the bright future of digital technology. 

Ebstein added that the virtual studio is a laboratory for extraordinary ideas in a world that really has no boundaries.

Chronoswiss, Brands from all industries are trying to establish their presence in the web3 region. NFT and Metaverse have become widely popular among brands as they create virtual stores and sell their NFT collections.

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