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EaseMyTrip launches “Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL)” for its customers to plan a better trip.

Online travel platform EaseMyTrip has announced the launch of a new product line called Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL). It is an investment program that allows customers to start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) for their travel plans. 

Under SNBL, a customer can invest an X amount by repeatedly via their UPI account to invest up to INR 100. The investment program can be used for a minimum of 90 days (3 months) For domestic travelers, after successful completion of 90 days (3 months), the accumulated amount can be redeemed for booking a holiday package or hotel accommodation of your choice at any time after the EaseMyTrip 90-day period.

EaseMyTrip said in a statement that the investments will receive “up to a 20 percent return on the total amount invested exclusively by the company.” 

Customers can plan their foreign trip well in advance, international travelers can book for more than 90 days, which can be extended up to a maximum of two years.

“The maximum duration of investment can be two years or Rs.5,000, whichever is earlier for domestic and international travel ,” the release added. 

On the BSE, EaseMyTrip shares were trading 0.62 percent higher at Rs 390.75. Earlier this week, the board of EaseMyTrip approved the calculation of bonus shares in the ratio of 3:1 and a split division.


 For international travelers, the company allows you to invest more than 90 days in advance so that the customer can plan their international trip in advance. The maximum duration of the investment can be two years or five lakhs, whichever is reached first with both domestic and foreign travel. 

Apart from the deposit system, EaseMyTrip also offers multiple payment options like online banking, Wallets, UPI, and other options like EMI and BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) to provide customers with a friendly experience while booking tickets.

In the company’s regulatory filing, the exchanges were notified to seek board approval to split each existing equity share of Rs 2 face value into two shares of Rs 1 face value. The application also indicated free funds of more than 130 million. The amounts required to apply for the bonus offers are available. 

In August, as part of its annual peak season sale, EaseMyTrip sold tickets worth 300 million kroner in the first ten days of the month. is launching “Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL)” as an investment program for its customers to help them better manage their finances while traveling. The industry’s first Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL) is useful if the customer plans holidays and hotel stays well in advance by starting a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and getting up to 20 percent returns on the total amount invested by the company alone. 

Lokendra Saini, CEO, said, “At EaseMyTrip, we receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from travelers about their vacation and hotel bookings, and we therefore hope that all our customers can enjoy their next great vacation and hotel stay without having to worry about their concerns. We constantly strive to make our customers’ travel experiences as easy as possible, and we are sure that this new investment scheme will enable them to enjoy their vacations and maintain their ROI.

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