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India proposes retaliatory duties on items imported from UK against curbs on steel products

India proposes 15% retaliatory duties on 22 particulars imported from the UK against checks on steel products.

In a communication to the World Trade Organisation( WTO), India said it is estimated that the safeguard measures taken by the UK on steel products have resulted in a decline in exports to the tune of ten tonnes, on which the duty collection would be USD247.7 million. 

In retribution to Britain’s decision to place restrictions on steel products, India has proposed fresh customs duties of 15 percent on the import of 22 products, including whiskey, rubbish, and diesel machine corridor, from the UK in retaliatory measures.

In a communication to the World Trade Organisation( WTO), India said it is estimated that the safeguard measures taken by the UK on steel products have reduced exports to the tune of tonnes, on which the duty collection would be USD247.7 million.

Consequently, India’s proposed suspension of concessions would affect the original quantum of duty collected from products formed in the UK, it said. “India hereby notifies the (World Trade Organization’s) Council for Trade in Goods of its decision to suspend concessions or other scores under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 and the Agreement on Safeguards that are primarily original to the quantum of trade affected by the UK’s measures,” it added. 

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The other products include reused rubbish, scotch, amalgamated whiskey, gin, beast feed, refrigerated propane, some essential canvases, beauty medications, ornamental and restroom, medications, unsorted diamonds, tableware, platinum, semi-diesel machine corridor, unwrought
gold, turbo spurts, and certain electric operators.

The average value of semi-manufactured tableware from the UK in India was Rs 412.68 million. The figure stood at USD275.22 million for certain tableware goods and USD51.03 million for amalgamated whiskey. India’s average import of semi-manufactured tableware from the UK stood at £412.6 million.

The communication also said that the proposed suspense of concessions would be in the form of an increase in duty on the named products formed in the UK. “The suspense of concessions and other scores will continue to apply until the safeguard measures of the UK are lifted,” it said, adding, “India wishes to clarify that the suspense of concessions will be original to the quantum of trade affected by the UK’s safeguard measures.”

The UK measures correspond to tariff-rate proportions assessed on 15 steel product orders with a 25% eschewal-of-share duty. Both countries held consultations on August 5 to nearly bandy the extensions of the safeguard by the UK on certain products, first applied by the European Union.

On September 1, India proposed to impose retaliatory customs duties under the WTO morals on about 250 million worth of goods imported from the UK if no agreement is reached on compensation in a case concerning the duty of restrictions on steel products by Britain. India has raised concerns with the World Trade Organization( WTO) over the UK’s move. 

According to an earlier communication of the WTO, India had submitted its enterprises to the UK regarding the manner in which safeguard measures have been extended, which is violative of global trade vittles and the WTO’s Agreement on Safeguards.

India had requested compensation under the agreement. Last time, New Delhi had also proposed analogous measures against the European Union( EU) under the aegis of the WTO against a move by the 28-nation bloc to put safeguard duties on certain steel products. 

In 2018, India assessed retaliatory customs duties on certain American goods for their move to put high customs duties on certain steel and aluminum products.

The WTO is a Geneva-based, 164-member global body that frames rules and morals for exports and imports and adjudicates trade controversies among member countries.

India is negotiating a free trade agreement with the UK, the terms of which are anticipated to be concluded anytime soon.

The value of bilateral trade has risen from USD 13.2 billion in 2020–21 to USD 17.5 billion in 2021–22. In 2021-22, India’s exports were valued at $10.5 billion, with a USD 17.5 billion in 2021–22 USD13.2 billion in 2020- 21.

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