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Maude’s Buttplug: An aesthetic chemistry of sexual well-being

We are in the midst of an aesthetic rebirth of sexual well-being.

Sexual wellness brand Maude, along with companies like Dame, Cute Little Fuckers, and Unbound Babes, is helping usher in a new era of sex-positive, high-quality, sex-sensitive sex toys that you don’t want just because they rock. You know—they’re totally cool too.

These are beautiful sex toys that we actually have chemistry with and deserve a place in the proverbial world. 

According to the taste of the sexual wellness brand, size matters to its customers. In fact, they liked the original cone butt plug so much that they asked for a larger size—and Maude delivered. 

Cone, medium, now available in Maude OG colors Charcoal and Evergreen, has two new innovations: a larger size and three vibration speeds. As always, Maude Sex Toys are stylish and discreet, so you no longer have to hide your boudoir. 

For starters, both the small and medium cone versions have an expanding base. This prevents your buttplug from getting into places it shouldn’t be during your pleasure. A smaller selection can also be purchased as a new cone training set. 

It would be horned heresy to say there aren’t gorgeous and beautiful donkeys out there; it’s just that the majority of them are either deer favorites, sassy cash register toys, or flashy fake diamond studs; they’re all my babies, but they’ve always seemed more like stuffy nighttime decor than the elegant everyday plug one can crave.

Maude is different. It’s reminiscent of the Apple of sex toy brands, with everything from organic lubes to cleverly opening condoms with amber bristles that are minimalist in design, intuitive and look like a soft toy.

Maude announced a vibrating anal toy simply called “The Cone,” for a stylish, everyday buttplug. 

Maude’s Cone

What a cool Maude package. It’s discreet and (surprisingly) stylish. The plug arrived in its frozen tube in a little beige bag with a small instruction manual and charging cable (no batteries needed for this baby), and the silicone was hard but soft to the touch. The most important thing is that the base is properly flared so that the plug stays firmly in place.

This 4.75′ long plug is not a beginner’s plug, but the tip is narrow enough to get you started slowly and comfortably when you insert it, Step by step, alone or with a partner, There is no rush.

The first few times you use the butt may feel strange until you find what really works for you. Does it take you or your partner a long time to force it to connect or install?

Use a large amount of water-based lube because the silicone hatch wears out silicone toys over time and made it easy to attach. With the right plug, and even more so when it vibrates, there is a deeply satisfying feeling of fullness; it’s almost like a little, really talented yodeler in the rectum.

This cone- was no exception, a pro at stimulating the female version of the P-spot, called the A-spot, and inducing a really good orgasm that feels deep even between curled toes.

What’s hard 

Don’t forget to be generous with the lube and wipes, which are very important for smoother insertion and caressing of your sweet peach (and cleaning your sex toys). 
If you’re a fan of anal toys, the Maude Vibrating Cone is a nightstand must-have. There are a million boring black asses out there that are great and get the job done, but none of them are that great.

Cone deisgn is a walks the line between minimalist and sophisticated design, from the packaging to the user experience, and feels almost as soft and luxurious as the silk pillows.
Alone or with a partner, Maude is the latest treat—and it makes my other sex toys compete for the best spot on the nightstand.

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