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Novak Djokovic would be welcome to play at the Australian Open if he can obtain a visa.

Novak Djokovic, nine-time Australian Open champion, says hello, says event director Craig Tiley.

Event director Craig Tiley has said that Novak Djokovic would be welcome to play at the Australian Open if he can gain a visa, while Russian and Belarusian players will be suitable to contend at the opening Grand Slam of 2023 under a neutral flag. 
Event director Craig Tiley says Novak Djokovic would be welcome to contend at the Australian Open if he could gain a visa.

In a dramatic turn of events in January, the Serbian former world No. 1 was demurred out of the country for not being vaccinated against COVID-19. Djokovic is barred from dropping out until 2025though the Australian government can waive the ban at its discretion. 
Tiley has stated that the 35-year-old Wimbledon champion would be eligible as well if he is able to circumvent the visa ban as part of his expatriation.

Novak Djokovic

Tiley has not had any contact with the government about Djokovic and Australian Open organizers are unfit to lobby on the Serbian’s behalf.

“At this point, Novak and the civil government need to work out the situation, and we’ll follow any instructions after that,” Tiley told journalists.

We cannot lobby on this issue. It’s a matter that will undoubtedly remain between the two of them, and depending on the outcome, we may invite him to the Australian Open. “

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