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SAN ‘O and Cosco team up to bring recycled materials solutions to the market.

Based on the Chinese market, deepen local cooperation to promote the development of circular economy. SAN ‘O and Cosco team up to bring recycled materials solutions to the market.

Alternative raw materials help the green transformation of furniture industry and the national “double carbon” goal.

On November 6, in the fifth China international import expo site, the polymer manufacturers division strong hand in hand, the office of science and technology and new materials, huafeng microfiber, exhibition Chen SAN Norwich union Gu Jiahe fule adhesives such as industry chain partners jointly signed the green and sustainable strategic cooperation office furniture, in order to promote the commercial application process of innovative recycling materials, reduce carbon, the products Support the low-carbon development of the office furniture industry. Led by the Strategic Research and Development Department of CoSCO and SIAO Research Institute, the collaboration focuses on the application and commercialization of bio-based water-based coatings, biomass-based sponges, microfiber materials and furniture adhesives as well as post-consumer recycled plastics in office furniture in collaboration with multiple industry chain partners around “sustainable materials”.

“Coxtron is actively helping different value chains reduce carbon dioxide emissions and accelerate the transition to a circular economy by increasing the use of alternative raw materials.” Lei Huanli, President of CoSCO China, said, “We are delighted to join hands with SST and all parties to promote the green development of the office furniture industry. We look forward to contributing to the high-quality and sustainable development of the Chinese economy as well as the ‘two-carbon’ goal by expanding the local production capacity and scale of relevant recycling materials and facilitating the commercialization of more innovative solutions.”

Chen Yuanfang saint augustine group co., LTD. Vice President, said: “the saint augustine always committed to provide users with healthy environmental protection, comfortable and intelligent office, commercial space, the solution to” all for the sake of the health office “for the mission, the technology of natural health concept throughout the whole life cycle of furniture manufacturing, with the strong circular economy idea coincides with mine. In order to achieve a healthy office for our customers, we continue to promote environmental protection upgrades and innovative applications of sustainable material solutions to meet the growing market demand for low-carbon and environmentally friendly office furniture products. We hope to accelerate the green transformation and upgrading of the industry by joining hands with Coxtron and other partners in the industry chain to create a new concept of low carbon and environmental protection for office furniture.”

Low carbon and efficient new office furniture materials

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the material safety and sustainability of the products they handle in their home and work environments. Although biobased waxes and oils have been around for furniture finishes, they often don’t offer the same protection as fossil-based paints when it comes to more demanding office furniture. Bayhydrol CQ and Decovery CQ paint resins contain approximately 35% biological base, which reduces the carbon footprint of furniture coatings and compares with conventional fossil-based products in terms of chemical resistance and mechanical properties. The technology has been tested in Zhejiang Qiantang intelligent manufacturing base of modern water-based UV five-axis spraying line, and the appearance and performance of coating products have reached the expected target. CQ(CircularIntelligence) stands for Circular Intelligence and is reserved for Cosco products with at least 25% alternative raw material content.

circular economy

Coxtron also provides the furniture industry with biomass based on the quality balance method of production of raw material share. For example, ISCC PLUS authentication, based on Desmodur CQ Isocyanate’s high-performance microfiber faux leather solutions, high-density sponge solutions and aldehyde-free furniture glue solutions have a biomass share of up to 60%, 50% and 60% respectively, while reducing the carbon footprint by more than 50%, 30% and 50% respectively (from raw material refining to the life cycle of some products before leaving the gate of Coxtron factory). In the mass balance approach, raw materials derived from biomass or waste are mixed with fossil feedstocks and then allocated to the final product through accounting, achieving GHG reductions.

In addition, Cosco is also actively exploring the application of post-consumer recycled polycarbonate materials in the furniture industry. Due to the controllable, traceable and guaranteed quality of the material, it has been widely used in electronic and electrical industries to help reduce carbon emissions. With its combined capabilities of color, material and surface treatment (CMF) in polycarbonate, Cosco is able to bring more inspiration to furniture design.

About Shengao Technology Co., LTD. :

SAN Ao Technology Co., LTD., founded in 1991, is committed to providing global users with health, environmental protection, comfortable intelligent office space overall solutions. The products are exported to 118 countries and regions around the world, serving 174 World Top 500 enterprises, 307 China Top 500 enterprises, such as Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Google, Coca-Cola, Toyota and so on.

SST has successively set up a European research and development center in Berlin, Germany, a North American research and development center in Los Angeles, and a joint research center for Smart Furniture with Zhejiang University. SST has obtained 1,402 patents and 35 European and American design awards. Now owns six base – hangzhou xiaoshan base, hangzhou xiaoshan saint augustine kechuang garden, hangzhou qiantang smart base, zhejiang haining manufacturing base, saint augustine international intelligent manufacturing household headquarters in the north (under construction), saint augustine North America (Mexico) base (under construction), gradually formed a key production, seiko quality, coordinated development, efficient delivery of good development momentum.

In the future, SST will stick to creating value for customers and be committed to becoming an office ecosystem service provider trusted by global users.

About Coxtron:

Cosco is one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality polymers and their components. Relying on innovative products, processes and methods, the company helps to promote sustainable development and improve the quality of life in numerous areas. Cosco provides services to customers in key industries such as transportation, construction and living, and electronics and electrics. In addition, Cosco polymers are used in sports and leisure, cosmetics and healthcare, as well as in the chemical industry itself.

The company is committed to achieving a full cycle, with the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2035 (ranges 1 and 2). In fiscal 2021, Coxtron achieved sales of approximately 15.9 billion euros. As of the end of 2021, Cosco has 50 manufacturing sites worldwide and approximately 17,900 employees (based on full-time employees).


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