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Tesla onboards Airbnb co-founder Joseph Gebbia to the board of directors 

According to a securities filing, Tesla appointed Airbnb founder and billionaire Joe Gebbia to its board.

Airbnb co-founder and designer Gebbia officially joined the board on September 25 as an independent director. 

His appointment comes after a few months of daily operations at Airbnb. He now works as a consultant and board member of a short-term rental company. Gebbia also serves on the board of Airbnb, an organization that encourages hosts to open their homes during an emergency. 

According to a statement sent on Wednesday, Gebbia waived his right to financial compensation. He also waived the stock bonus until July 2023. 

Gebbia replaces Oracle founder, president and chief technology officer Larry Ellison, who left the board earlier this year. Ellison joined the board in 2018 along with former Walgreens CEO Kathleen Wilson-Thompson as part of Tesla’s settlement with US securities regulators over CEO Elon Musk’s infamous tweets about the company’s privacy.

Musk also had to step down as chairman and pay a $20 million fine as part of the settlement. 

After Oracle Inc. Following the resignation of founder Larry Ellison in August, Tesla announced earlier in June that it would have just seven board seats, prompting criticism from shareholder groups for its lack of independent board directors.

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