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The Top 10 Best Nude Beaches Around The World in 2022

Little beach,Hawaii

Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii 

Surrounded by ancient lava flows and backed by  volcanic cones, Little Beach looks great in all the aspects.
Part of Makena State Park on the island’s southeast coast, it overlooks a national marine reserve known for its sea turtles, dolphins, whales and tropical fish. 

Bunch trees behind the sand provide minimal shade and a well-protected cove for swimming. Plus, a drum circle and fire dancers kept the crowd entertained during Sunday sunset. 
Located on Maui, Little Beach is  considered by many to be an unofficial nude beach, although nude sunbathing is illegal in Hawaii . However, the law of nudity isn’t really enforced here, so you can ride the waves in  your sagging glory while enjoying the beautiful view. 

Micro Amoudi, Greece

Micro Amoudi Beach, Greece 

Crystal clear waters,  magical sunsets and  clothing is optional, Micro Amoudi is an ideal beach for those looking to relax. It is quite isolated and  located in Plakias in Crete. 
The beach with coarse white sand and turquoise water is great for swimming and snorkeling. On the west side there is a small cave with crystal clear blue water, while at the other end there is a small hole in the water connecting Mikro Ammoudi with Klisidi beach. Although not organized, there is a canteen that also rents out sunbeds. 
Micro Ammoudi is a popular destination for naturalists, but if that’s not your thing, there are plenty of people in swimsuits too. Right next to it you’ll find Ammoudi, a family-friendly beach, and between the two is Klisidi, a very small beach surrounded by rocks. The village of Lefkogia is easily accessible by road from the village of Mikro Ammoudi. The road ends on a plateau, where there is a parking lot. From there, a small path will lead you to the beach.

Playa de Maspalomas, Canary Islands 

Playa de Maspalomas, Canary Islands 

Near Playa del Ingles, south of Gran Canaria, Hundreds of hectares of Sahara-like dunes frame the beautiful beach between Maspalomas and the popular resort of Playa del Ingles.

It is best known for its impressive sand dunes and old lighthouse, which first shone in 1890. The beach is also supported by a wide range of hotels and restaurants, and many claim the area is a good location to spend a vacation in the Canary Islands.

From start to finish is 3 km and more than 1 km deep. Naked areas, such as swimwear areas, rental deck chairs and parasols. For a quieter spot, walk through the vast sand dunes, but be careful not to get lost! 

You can walk to the empty beaches from either end, although the walk from Maspalomas town is a bit shorter. 

Buhne 16, Sylt, Germany

Buhne 16, Sylt, Germany 

“Grin and Bare It” may just be the nude motto on this North Sea island, where the average summer water temperature  is  17°C (63°F). 
Technically, all the beaches on Sylt are optional for clothing but Buhne 16 was the first and still the first nude sunbathing spot along the German coast. 

The island is connected to the mainland by a narrow dam, along which is a railway line. The main way to get to Sylt by road is by train, and drivers can transport their “iron horses” on special rail platforms. There is a small airport on the island that accepts domestic flights and private jets.
This is where beachgoers can relax on the famous blue-and-white striped wicker beach chairs or let loose at summer beach parties.

Haulover Beach, Florida 

Haulover Beach, Florida 

Besides its perfect year-round weather and safe, family-friendly atmosphere, Haulover Beach in Miami is renowned as one of the few voluntary, government-run beaches operating in the United States. It is a clean and inexpensive resort that welcomes nearly 7,000 visitors a day from all over the world. 

Haulover Beach also has an optional stretch of beach. So if you forget to bring your outfit, no problem! Or, if you’re looking to sunbathe without getting any tan, this is the place. 
Beach wheelchairs are for rent at Haulover Beach Park. The pedestrian tunnel connects the park and the Biscayne Bay Marina. The 9-hole golf course, tennis court, kite area, and kite shop.

red beach
Red Beach, Crete, Greece 

Red Beach, Crete, Greece 

This secluded coast in the south of Crete is a hot spot for nude sunbathing in Greece. 
Named for its ocher sand and cliffs, Red Beach (or Kokkini Ammos) can be reached by a 20-minute walk from Matala or a very short boat ride from the village’s waterfront. 

Inaugurated by European hippies in the 1960s, the beach offers chair and umbrella rentals and is home to a trendy little bar called Yiannis, famous for its mojitos. 

The secluded beach is truly beautiful, but is susceptible to the westerly winds that frequently blow through the area. The characteristic of the coast, as its name suggests, is the red sand that comes from the rocks of the area. The color of the sea takes on a beautiful blue-green hue, making the tourist landscape truly stunning.
The mysterious rock carvings at the end of the beach are a modern creation and certainly not an ancient Minoan relic. 

Platja des Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain 

Platja des Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain 

The Es Cavallet nudist beach is divided into several sections, including a gay beach club party area and a more secluded middle area where the undressed crowd congregates.

This is an official nudist beach, and the main nudist area is located in the middle of the beach, backed by sand dunes. Here you will find more nudist beaches than in Ibiza. The north end of Es Cavellet, near the parking lot, is popular with celebrities who frequent the two restaurants there. 
Wild and natural, backed by dunes, shady green belts and rolling hills, Es Cavallet feels private. It’s best seen as the easterly winds create the big waves that surfers and kitesurfers love, while the rolling dunes and very wide sandbar are perfect for off-season beach walks . During the summer months, with club music and cocktails, a laid-back party continues all day here.

Black’s Beach, La Jolla, CA 

Black’s Beach, La Jolla, CA 

This beach is perfect for those who want to experience it all in a secluded area. “Beachers have to descend a 300-foot cliff to reach the beach,” said Nicky Hoffman, co-owner of The Naturist Society and co-author of The World’s Best Nudist Beaches and Resorts. 
Don’t worry, there are steps—and you can easily reach the beach by car or bus—but the little hike makes you feel isolated and safe. 
That is no reason to be shy, however; Black Beach is all about activities. Play volleyball, have barbecues and picnics, or surf away from dressed-up spectators. 

Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico 

Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico 

Live your “Y Tu Mamá También” fantasies at the beach, where many scenes from the 2001 Mexican film starring Gael Garca Bernal were shot on location. 
Started by Mexican and American hippos in the 1960s, the strip stretches for about two kilometres with cliffs at either end and is famous as a clothing-optional beach (although it’s not legal in the United States). (Here.) 
While the main beach here is backed by budget hotels and cafes, a small sandbar at the east end called Playa del Amor offers much more privacy. 
Neve Midbar, North Dead Sea, Israel 
Located at the northern end of the Dead Sea, Neve Midbar is a small private resort with a stretch of beach dedicated to nudist beachgoers. 
Besides being the only place where you can take photos while floating naked in the extremely floating lake and covering your whole body in the mellow black mud of the Dead Sea, it may be the only place in the Middle East where any kind of public nudity is legal.

 Lady Bay Beach, Sydney, Australia

 Lady Bay Beach, Sydney, Australia

While it sometimes seems like almost every beach in Australia is clothing-optional, there are several official nudist beaches here, such as Lady’s Bay. (also known as Lady Jane Beach.) 
Located just inside the southernmost tip of Sydney Harbour, it is small and narrow, but extremely secluded for such a large city. 
The ledges around South Head are also used for nude sunbathing. 
Also known as Lady Jane Beach, this small beach is located just off Camp Cove in Watsons Bay. The beach here is on the sheltered side of South Head, facing the harbour, making it a great place to swim or just enjoy the harbour views. And don’t worry if you forget your cozzie; Lady Bay is also a nudist-only swimming area.

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