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UPS Recruiting 100,000+ Workers In 2022; Grab it Now!

ATLANTA: The shipping and logistic giant UPS Recruting more than 100,000 workers for the upcoming holiday shopping season, with $30 payout per hour for certain positions and locations.

This mass recruiting is completely a digital hiring process which means most people filling out online applications could get the job in next 25 minutes. Around 80% of the seasonal positions do not require interviews, UPS said. 

Nando Cesarone, UPS’ executive vice president and president of U.S. operations, said in a press release “We’ve made our hiring process as simple and easy as possible.UPS’s strength has always been our people, and we are excited about the opportunity to welcome new UPSers to our team as we deliver what matters for our customers this holiday season.”

UPS Press release

Source: UPS Newsroom

Currently the positions that UPS has digitally opened to recruit 100,000 seasonal employee are:

Last year approximately 35,000 holiday-season employees earned permanent positions. A full-time UPS package delivery driver makes an average of $95,000 per annum in addition to $50,000 in contribution to medical and pension benefits.

Also UPS has Earn and Learn program for eligible employees who can get the opportunity to earn upto $25,000 for college tuition and expenses. Previous year the company has invested $30 million in the education assistance program for its employees.

More than 140,000 employees have utilised the Earn and Learn program since 1999 that is available at more than 100 locations worldwide.

You can check the eligibility criteria for Earn and Learn Program Here

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