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Why did Decathlon change its name to “Nolhtaced”?

Decathlon stores in Everes, Namur, and Ghent will change their names to Nohltaced for a month, reports RTBF. 
Nohltaced is Decathlon spelled backwards. The aim of the change is to promote “reverse shopping” so that customers can also resell old or unused sports equipment to Decathlon so that it can be repaired and resold under warranty. 

The month-long name change is part of the company’s marketing efforts . They buy products from customers that they no longer use. This step helps customers sell their old or unused sports equipment to a store where products can be repaired and resold under warranty. The move, Decathlon said in a press release, “desires more ecological practices.” 

Vaatekauppa has changed its name on the facades of three stores in the Belgian cities of Evere, Namur, and Ghent. In addition, it also changed the logo on websites in the country.

In addition to the logo visible on the website and social networks, the name of Nohltaced also appears on the facades of the stores

Due to several crises, including environmental, energy, and economic crises, Decathlon wants to promote one of its long-standing services. 
“To continue to develop our business in a sustainable way, we rely heavily on buyback service, used items, rental service, and repair,” said Arnaud De Coster, director of Second Life Nolhtaced, Belgium, on RTBF. 

In addition, the Indiville study reports that 30% of Belgians surveyed in a survey of 1,000 people are delaying buying new sports clothes and equipment due to the rising cost of living. The purpose of the Decathlon campaign is to allow people to resell their products and pay with a Decathlon coupon, even if their item is not the company’s brand. 

Gift cards are valid for two years and can be used to purchase new appliances or other used items.

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