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World Menopause Day-Celebrating the ‘Womeness’ with exceptional products.

This moment has been long awaited. According to the National Institute on Aging, more than a million Americans enter menopause each year. Today in New York, Womaness is coming together with other menopause-related brands, including Wile, Elektra Health, Better Not Younger, Pause Well Aging, and the State Of Menopause, to talk menopause at the first Global Menopause Day event. CEO Summit.

The holiday and the peak are important because, until recently, the concerns of menopausal and postmenopausal people — those in their 
40s,, 50s and older — have been underserved and even ignored. 

“The fact that so many prestigious and incredible brands are coming together to participate in proof that menopause, and of course women with all stages and symptoms of menopause, is something we should be talking about.” Sharing openly, honestly, without fear of judgment or shame,” says Jacobs. “We say break the taboo. Together we can take the necessary steps to destigmatize menopause.” 


 In honor of World Menopause Day, Beauty Independent has rounded up the most exciting menopause launches, from sex aids to skin serums and more. Women’s health and wellness company O Positiv expanded into the menopause category this spring with the launch of Meno, a vegan menopause relief capsule containing vitamins B6 and D3 and the herbal ingredients Ashwagandha, black cohosh, and pure acai berry. 

Brianna Bitton originally launched O Positiv under the name Flo Vitamins in December 2018 with her brother Bobby after struggling with painful periods. After amassing seven-figure sales and expanding its product line to address digestive, skin aging, immune and other concerns, Flo changed its name to O Positiv.

The Bittons tapped their mother, Mary Kay, an inventor who worked for big companies like Colgate and Disney, to help Meno deal with common menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. It costs $39.99 per bottle of 60 capsules and can be purchased on the O Positiv website. 

pause abel

Pause by Abel Odor: Pause is the latest functional fragrance from New Zealand natural perfume brand Abel. It was created by Abel founder and CEO Frances Shoemack and Symrise perfumer Fanny Grau in response to their journey through menopause and as a way to bring confidence and sophistication to middle-aged women. 

“When we connected with Fanny and realized that none of our girlfriends were talking or feeling ready to go through this transition, we knew Break had to do more than smell great,” says Shoemack. It was meant to be empowering and reflective of the strong women we knew wanted to be part of the new menopause conversation. Price $120 for 30ml. as well as $150 for 50 ml. All Pause has a rich floral scent made with a blend of natural ingredients and therapeutic essential oils, including mimosa, violet leaf, narcissus and hay. It is designed to support mood, relieve anxiety, reduce stress and promote sleep. 


Vella Bioscience’s Vella Women’s Intimate Elixir: Sexual wellness brand Vella Bioscience broke out last spring with the orgasm-enhancing Women’s Pleasure Serum. Numerous retail partnerships with Cos Bar, Neiman Marcus, and Bluemercury and numerous awards soon followed. 
Vella, however, did not want to rest on his laurels. The brand is launching new products aimed at improving sex. Its latest product is specially designed for postmenopausal women.

The $ 40 Women’s Intimate Elixir is a water-based lubricant designed to help women of all ages master their pleasure. It contains hyaluronic acid to replenish the body’s natural moisture and increase comfort during sex and play. 

“Vella Bioscience is based on the premise that many people, including postmenopausal women, have not had the resources to fully enjoy their sexuality,” says Carolyn Wheeler, co-founder and COO of Vella. “Sexual expression is not defined by gender, nor is it dependent on age or hormonal status. To further expand the reach and availability of sexual empowerment, we introduced Vella Women’s Intimate Elixir to address the historically neglected needs of menopausal women.”

Brighten Up by Womaness: Womaness has expanded its range of menopause support products with targeted skin and sex solutions. The first menopause brand to enter specialty beauty store Ulta Beauty, the latest is Brighten Up, a 2-in-1 exfoliating liquid toner. 

The product contains lactic acid, salicylic acid, and bromelain to help reduce dark spots, wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture. Its vegan and hormone-free formula is described as gentle enough for daily use and can be used to prepare the skin for serum and moisturizer absorption. Brighten Up is available on the Womaness website and on Amazon. 

StellaVia: Any woman with menopause symptoms will tell you it’s a full-body experience. 4From itchy ears to sore knees and head-to-toe hot flashes, there’s no single product that can cure them all. Carol Mehas, a beauty industry veteran who has worked at L’Oréal, Sephora, and Estée Lauder, had this in mind when she developed StellaVia, a new beauty and wellness brand that markets what it calls “Sensual Menopause” for holistic well-being. 
StellaVia’s wide selection is a mix of current and fun products. Some, like its SuperBotanical Sore Muscle Gel, contain CBD, while others, like its

SuperBotanical Hot Flash Spritz, don’t. The brand sells a pack of SuperBotanical Meno Mix patches for $40, which includes four patches for sore muscles, foot relief, and sleep storage. This range is priced between $16 and $40 and is available on their website. 

“It’s so refreshing to see menopause finally getting the spotlight it deserves as the world menopause holiday,” enthuses Mehas. “Women have suffered in silence for too long, and this massive call for all of society to take a moment to understand menopause as a rite of passage rather than a stigmatized stage of life is critical. I’m proud to join a thriving group of female founders who, like me through StellaVia, strive to light the way to prosperity.”

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