Building a Better Haryana: Infrastructure Development on the Rise

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Friday inaugurated 167 public welfare projects costing over Rs 1,881 crore related to strengthening education, health, water, power, and inter-state road connectivity. 

Organized at Dhanwapur village,Gurugram, a national-level program, practically inaugurated 113 projects worth over 791 crores, paving the way for future projects out of five projects worth nearly Rs. 1090 crores.

Four major projects implemented by Khattar include the drinking water replenishment system, which affects 84 villages in Prithla and Palwal
Palwal district and Ballabgarh block of Faridabad district; construction of the Ranney Well as well as a deep tube well in Mohna village; and the addition of canal-based W/S system to 25 villages in Satnal block in Mahendragarh.

Apart from this, the chief minister inaugurated.At the Sheela Chowk junction, a flyover was built over the Delhi-Hisari road and the RKDB road, as well as the construction of bridge on the JLN feeder and BSB canal.

Rohtak district, and the RKDB road canal crosses the Bhiwani-Hans Road bridge to the Tosham Bypass Highway in Bhiwani District.
Khattar also laid the foundation stones for eight major projects, including construction of the state’s first Haryana International Habitat Center (Arts, Culture, and Innovation Center), Sector-1, Panchkula.(Chandimandir) on four plots of land… Rai Malikpur (Rajasthan Border), Nangal ChaudharyNarnaul, Mahendragarh-Dadri Road,New Government Building, Israna, Panipat, HL Bridge, SYL, and
Karnal, Kachhwa, Sambli, Kaul, and Narwana Br.In addition to this, the foundation stones of the Badkhali Lake Rejuvenation Project
consisting of the Jhajjar connection well with an RCC box and retaining wall, sewage treatment, and construction of a 15 MLD decentralized sewage treatment plant as per the EPC model at Sector-25, Ballabgarh, Faridabad, and the extension of the water supply system and sanitation to Madlauda village in Panipat district are also modified.Panipat areas were also walled off. Out of theseMahendragarh got three projects.worth about 21.2 crore rupees, while Palwal got nine projects worth 187 crore rupees, Gurugram got 11 projects.worth 168.36 crore rupees, and Faridabad143 crore.

Similarly, Ambala got four projects worth about Rs.15.57 crore, Bhiwani got four projects worth about Rs. 31.5 crore, Charkhi Dadri got two projects worth about Rs.2 crore, Fatehabad got seven projects, which cost1 million euros at a cost of 5.65 crores Jhajjar received 23 projects at a cost of 371 crores, and Jindfour projects at a cost of $22.76 millionKaithal was assigned a 1.19 crore project.

Karnal was awarded 17 projects totaling 7.4 crores, Kurukshetra received four projects totaling 1.50 crore. Nuh has 12 projects totaling 37.36 crorescrown Panipat received one.Rewari was awarded projects worth 76 crores.six projects costing 352 crore, Rohtak got four projects costing 86.40 crore Rs.Sirsa was awarded 12 projects has 12.24 crore rupees costing 57.5 crore rupees.

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