BYD’s New Patent Could Make Your Veins the Key to Your Car

In the advancing age of technology, unlocking vehicles has evolved far beyond traditional keys. Contemporary methods include induction, NFC, and mobile phone app remote control. Recently, BYD has been granted a patent that takes vehicle security to the next level by employing biometric vein recognition technology. Here are the details:

BYD’s Innovative Vein Recognition Technology: A Revolution in Vehicle Security

All BYD cars use NFC to open the doors and start the engine, but this new technology can completely eliminate the need for additional tools: our own hand and its characteristics are enough to recogniZe us and let us in.

BYD’s vein recognition technology broadens the scope of bio-security while also improving the user experience. According to the Qichacha APP, BYD’s patent application for a “vein recognition device and vehicle” has been authorized. 

The device consists of three major components: an infrared imaging module, a vein detection module, and a power supply module. 

Infrared Imaging Module: This module captures an image of the vein on the back of the user’s hand. 

Vein Identification Module: The component connected to the infrared imaging module identifies the characteristics of the veins after receiving the vein image. When the vein pattern is authorized, it initiates the gate control. 

Power supply module: Connected to both the infrared collection and vein detection modules, this element provides power to the other two modules. The vein detection device detects the veins on the back of the user’s hand, greatly diversifying the number of biomarker types available and improving the overall user experience. Most BYD models currently use NFC unlocking, and their NFC car key technology is compatible with most Android phone models.

NFC technology (near-field communication) allows opening the door in the presence of a Bluetooth key, which compensates for possible limitations. However, some BYD car owners have expressed concern about the inconvenient use of the NFC method, which requires placing the mobile phone in a specific position to unlock it.

If BYD’s newly patented vein detection technology is successfully commercialized, it is expected to provide BYD owners with significantly greater convenience when opening their vehicles. By integrating this cutting-edge technology, BYD is not only revolutionizing vehicle safety systems but also strengthening its reputation as a leader in automotive innovation.

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