Empowering India’s Fuel Needs At One Click With Right Innovation-Fuelbuddy

FuelBuddy is an innovative company serving the industry’s fuel delivery and refueling needs

A leading technology partner for the fuel tankFuelBuddy’s cloud-based platform is integrated with OMCs to provide a safe and secure experience, enabling customers to monitor data and insights. It is an intelligent on-demand fuel delivery app connected to the fuel supply chain. Therefore, customers can get an accurate price, pure fuel, and complete control of their deliveries.

A cloud-based ecosystem that caters end-to-end needs of clients’ fuel operations in various locations to create an efficient and cost-effective chain of fuel procurement and data management system. 

The company has become one of India’s fastest-growing business innovations. It has delivered over two million liters of fuel to millions of customers across India through its network of 230 petrol pumps.

It is the first Indian startup to provide fuel delivery services across 120 cities. Consumers can benefit from the platform’s 24×7 fuel delivery services through an on-demand app.

New Pathways

FuelBuddy was founded by Adnan Kidwai, Divij Talwar, and Gautam Malhotra in 2017. The company is promoted and funded by SK Narvar, Chairman of Capital India.

It has been serving Indian customers for nearly five years, expanding its operations in India through a partnership with Apna Pump to set up fuel stations across the North-Eastern states. The objective is to deliver to 100 pin codes across 25 cities in Northeast India,

Fuelbuddy eye on fuel energy should be accessible even within the most remote areas and to strengthen the below of those locations to empower additional individuals to achieve these resources. Neeraj Gupta, chief executive officer of FuelBuddy, said “North East India has great potential and we want to drive growth with our fuel delivery service covering the entire Indian countryside”.

Neeraj Gupta is the Chief Executive Officer of FuelBuddy. He grew up in a modest and humble atmosphere, with a strong desire to succeed.

Neeraj has over 20 years of rich and varied experience across leadership positions with top organizations like Nissan Group, Barclays, ICICI Bank, and Tata Motor Finance. He is proficient in Sales, Marketing, Sales Finance, Auto Insurance, Channel, Relationship, and Network Management.

Before joining FuelBuddy, he played a pivotal role as National Manager at Ford Assured at Ford India Pvt. Ltd. and was responsible for planning. A coveted fuel delivery system to improve access to fuel, especially in the region of northeast India.

“We are happy to be a part of this new startup and appearance forward to partnering with FuelBuddy to reinforce our providing.” Arihant Jainist, Partner, Apna Pump.”

FuelBuddy raised 17 crores in September 2020, from SK Narvar an individual investor and Chairman, Capital India Corp and acquired on-demand fuel delivery startup MyPetrolPump, gaining access to new regions and customers. A venture by ANB Fuels Pvt. Ltd.

The company started its operations in Bangalore and is eyeing geographical expansion aggressively—leveraging existing resources and partnerships across the country and setting up new centers to improve efficiency.

“Regulation by the Indian Government was one of Our most significant challenges, so we worked with them to bring their vision to life. We worked with them to obtain the necessary permits to distribute the fuel to our Indian customers,” said Gautam Malhotra, MD at FuelBuddy.

Initially, much time had to be spent convincing consumers that getting fuel to their doorstep with just one click is now accessible with the Fuelbuddy app.

For example, we have developed our own sales activities to communicate value to our customers.

Finally, the support of a talented operational and business team enabled us to overcome all challenges and assert ourselves in the market. 

The company’s vision is to make life simpler for consumers by providing a hassle-free fuel delivery experience.

“Being a leader is not an easy task. It requires you to have the ability to confront challenges and make decisions in order to achieve your goals. In my experience, I believe that it is important for you to be able to manage time well. This means you should prioritize things and make sure that you are spending your time on the most important tasks, “said Gautam Malhotra, MD at FuelBuddy.

Gautam completed his MBA from Manchester Business School. In his extensive work experience of 21 years, Gautam has been part of various industries like sales & marketing, finance, banking, and the automotive industry. In 2016, Gautam joined the team of FuelBuddy as a Strategic Advisor and is currently the company’s Managing Director.

Gaurav Malhotra, MD at Fuelbuddy
Neeraj Gupta, CEO at Fuelbuddy

Leadership Vision

Fuel Buddy was born out of the idea that fuels are not only fuel but also a power source. The idea behind our company is to provide the best possible service to our customers by providing them with fuel at their doorstep.

It also offers complete supply chain solutions using technology and cloud computing, enabling customers to use advanced analytics to control and monitor data.

“To be successful in business, one must have excellent communication skills. You can develop strong relationships with your clients and build trust with them through this avenue. In turn, this will help your business succeed in the market.”

Product or service development focus is the second most crucial characteristic to possess as a professional leader. It means that you should be able to create products or services that meet the specific needs of consumers in mind.

“While innovating new products or services, it’s vital that you simply not solely contemplate what quantity effort or proof would be needed; however it will add value to shoppers through their use! “Core team at Fuelbuddy.

Fuelbuddy is associated with three large oil marketing companies (OMCs)—BPCL, HPCL, and IOCL—for procurement of the highest grade of fuel and to provide a seamless experience to the end customer at their doorstep.

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