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Aahar 2023

Aahar, the international food and hospitality fair, returns for its 37th edition!

The Aahar International Food and Hospitality Fair is the most anticipated event of 2023. It…
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gluten free

Researchers create gluten-free flour that’s even healthier with sweet potato.

High in B vitamins, sweet potatoes are known as a healthy alternative to comfort foods…
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food prices

2023 could be the deadliest year yet if food prices continue to rise.

Food prices are the highest in 15 years in the UK, and something similar is…
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food industry

As 2 million jobs go unclaimed, restaurant employment remains unfilled. 

During the pandemic, many people took the opportunity to change their routines as well as…
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How Mushrooms Could Help New York State Thrive.

It may be time to say goodbye to the Big Apple and embrace the Big…
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alcohol consumption

Why are consumers cutting back on alcohol?

Around 50 percent of UK consumers plan to cut back on alcohol due to financial…
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plant-based diet

Plant-based alternatives are on the rise, and can help meet 2030 goals.

Plant-based meats (i.e., products that have the characteristics of animal products but are derived solely…
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future of food

From Local to Global: How the Future of Food is Shaping Up

Our ability to feed a growing world population is at risk, According to a new…
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food distribution

Tracking the progress of India’s food security programs under DFPD.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs under which Department of Food and Public Distribution (DFPD) unit…
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