Innovation Like Never Before-Tesla Discloses New Virtual Power Plant In Japan

Tesla has unveiled a new virtual power station that uses Powerwalls home batteries and this time on an island, Miyako-jima,  Japan. 

We’ve seen Tesla put a lot of effort into virtual power plants lately. 

A virtual power plant (VPP) consists of distributed energy storage systems, such as Tesla Powerwalls, used  to provide grid service and avoid the use of polluting power plants which are expensive. 

Tesla launched one in California earlier this year, and it had its first emergency event earlier this month with great results. 

Today, the company is trying to launch a virtual power plant in Texas and of course, it also has a plant in operation for many years in Australia, which the company is continuing to expand. 

But now we know that Tesla has also been quietly building a new virtual power plant in Japan and  has now decided to announce it. 

The project is called “Miyakojima VPP” because it is located on Miyako-jima Island, the most populous island in  Okinawa Prefecture. 

Tesla announced that it will begin installing Powerwalls in partnership with the local power company in 2021 and  now have more than 300 Powerwalls on the island according to VPP (translated from Japanese).


 “In Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture, The Virtual Power Plant (VPP) project (hereinafter referred to as this project) using Tesla Powerwall home storage batteries begins in 2021 and the number of units installed on the island has exceeded 300. 

This is the first time Powerwall’s first commercial use  for a VPP project in Japan, and it will be the largest commercial VPP using home battery storage  in Japan 

Local homeowners receive incentives from the company Miyakojima Mirai Energy Co, to install  Powerwall and solar energy in their homes, which the utility can use under the Tesla VPP 

Tesla explained that the VPP helps the island make better use of renewable energy generation, but it also proves more resilient of the grid, especially in the case of  natural disasters: , electricity is generated from the process.

The photovoltaic generator is stored in the Powerwall before the voltage interval and is discharged from the Powerwall to the home during the voltage interval. 

It not only contributes to supporting the households where it is installed, but also helps to stabilize the power supply to Miyako Island’s power grid  and stabilize the power supply on the island. In addition, in the event of a power outage due to a storm, electricity will be supplied from the Powerwall to the installed home, which will prevent power outages in the home. Miyakojima’s VPP continues to grow, and Tesla expects to include 400 Powerwalls by the end of this year and 600 Powerwalls by the end of 2023. 

 In 2024, Tesla plans to begin installing Powerwalls for future projects throughout Okinawa.

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