Israel is deeply concerned about air pollution and plans to ban 4-engine airliners including all Boeing 747s.

Israel will ban four-engine aircraft similar to Boeing 747’s from March 31, 2023, to reduce noise and air pollution, airport officials said Sunday.

The Israeli Airports Authority said they have already told the airline that it would not be able to land large planes at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv from the 2023 summer season, as part of a broader environmental improvement plan under development.

This policy applies primarily to freighters. Because most, if not all, airlines have grounded 747’s and other four-engined aircraft on routes to Israel.

Flag Carrier El Al has already phased out the 747’s and uses twin-engine Boeing 777s and 787s on long-haul routes. Competitors also use these Boeing aircraft or equivalent Ben-Gurion Airbus aircraft, but the 747’s are utilized for cargo.

The operation of aircraft with four engines is permitted only in special circumstances and with a special license.

Israel’s policy applies primarily to freighters. Most, if not all, airline 747s and other four-engine aircraft can no longer fly in Israeli airspace.

Boeing announced last week that it will deliver four modern aircraft to the Israeli Air Force from 2025-2026. 

The Boeing KC-6A is said to be the world’s most advanced refueling aircraft and could be used to attack Iran.

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