The world’s first robot lawyer will take a case to court next month!

“World’s First Robot Lawyer” Takes Case to Court Next Month: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lawyer Helps Defendant Fight Traffic Tickets Artificial intelligence (AI) called “the world’s first robot lawyer” by the startup DoNotPay, which created it, runs on a smartphone and listens to court proceedings in real time before telling the accused what to say via a headset.

The unprecedented sentencing hearing will take place sometime next month, but the makers of the robot lawyer are not revealing the location of the court or the name of the accused.

Science and technology publication New Scientist reports that the ticket at the center of the landmark case was issued for speeding, and the defendant will only say what the AI tells them in court.

DoNoPay has agreed to cover some fines if they lose the case, according to Joshua Browder, the company’s founder and CEO.
Browder, a computer scientist trained at Stanford University, launched DoNotPay in 2015 as a chat room to offer legal advice to consumers facing late fees or fines, but the company switched to artificial intelligence in 2020.


If DoNoPay loses the case, the company agreed to cover any fines, according to the company’s founder and CEO, Joshua Browder.

Browder said the training took a long time. DoNotPay’s AI assistant in legal practice covers a wide range of topics and ensures that the application remains true.

“We are trying to minimize our legal liability,” Browder told the publication. “And it’s not good if it really distorts the facts and is too manipulative.”

The AI application software has been adjusted so that it does not automatically respond to everything it hears in court. Instead, he listens to the arguments and analyzes them before instructing the respondent on how to respond.

Browder explained that his ultimate goal is for his app to completely replace some lawyers to save defendants money.
“It’s about language, and lawyers pay hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour for that,” he said.

“There are still many good lawyers out there who can argue in the European Court of Human Rights, but many lawyers pay too much money to copy and paste documents, and I think they will definitely be replaced, and they should be replaced. “
In addition to providing legal assistance in court, DoNoPay allows users to “fight businesses, cut through red tape, and take everything to court with the click of a button.”

robot lawyer

According to Browder, his company’s AI starts by asking a customer what the legal problem is, then finds a loophole and turns it into a legal letter that can be sent to the right agency or uploaded to a website.
Browder explained in a promotional video that he started his company “by accident” after he moved from his native United Kingdom to the United States to attend Stanford.

While in school, he started collecting parking tickets that he couldn’t pay. That’s how Browder said he became an “expert” in finding loopholes to avoid paying fines.

As a software engineer, Browder said he realized the tedious process of writing legal letters to appeal parking tickets could be automated, so he did and created a website where people can dispute their parking tickets.
“The goal of this company is to make the $200 billion legal profession free for consumers,” Browder said.

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