To empower education, Google will add $20 million towards social initiatives.

Google will soon be donating the next $20 million as part of its ongoing support for nonprofit groups. The goal is to increase access to computer education for 11 million children nationwide. With this additional promise, Google will invest more than $240 million in coding courses since it first pledged to promote education in 2004.

The Hidden Genius Project 

The Hidden Genius Project aims to help black men develop their leadership and technological skills. Furthermore, it includes fresh graduates without any computer training. Google regularly pays attention to basic education projects other than this one. 

Support also extends to some pre-arranged programs. These include the City University of New York’s Integrated Computer Science Teacher Education Project. It is planned to integrate CS instruction into the programs of new instructors.

Funding will also go to CodePath in Chicago and Atlanta. CodePath’s philosophy is to empower underrepresented teams as they pursue careers in technology. 

“Google is proud to work with CodePath to provide equal access to tech education across Atlanta. This is an exciting partnership that invests in Atlanta’s diverse talent while creating new opportunities for local students,” said Matthew Pritchard, Google Atlanta Co-Site Lead and Global Business Organization Lead. “Google is committed to long-term partnerships that bring positive contributions to the Atlanta community.”

Google strongly believes that regardless of age or region, computer science education plays an important role in creating strong foundations for individuals and their families.

The opportunity to get computer training seems to be crucial for these people to get a job or start a new business. Pichai believes that organizations like Google have a social responsibility to give people from all walks of life the opportunity to interact with technology in fulfilling and meaningful ways.

Google for education

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