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Dräger Marine & Offshore Launches “The X-am 2800” Mobile Gas Detector

Safety and medical technology leader Draeger has launched the new X-am 2800 portable gas detector, adding to its extensive range of safety and gas detectors.

Dräger, with more than 100 years of experience in gas detectors, has developed a new device that allows measuring up to four different gases at the same time, for use in closed spaces to protect workers working in areas with a risk of oxygen deficiency and explosives. atmospheres . or those that may contain poisonous substances.

With the integrated Bluetooth connection, real-time gas readings and alarms can be transmitted in real time to the Dräger Gas Detection Connect cloud solution. It gives users secure access to important information anytime, anywhere through an Internet browser.

Adam Pope, Marketing Manager for Mobile Gas Measurement at Draeger Safety UK commented: “The new X-am 2800 offers customers the latest connected technology and a host of new features, meaning the X-am 2800 is highly reliable and a robust product.”

Mobile gas sensors are used in housing, so durability is key to their reliability, and the X-am 2800 is independently drop-tested to withstand a drop of more than two meters onto concrete: thanks to its flexible design.

Another important advantage of the X-am 2800 is its suitability for use in humid environments, and as part of its development, the X-am was tested according to the international protection classification class 68, which measures the dust resistance of the device. and water. This makes it particularly useful in both the electrical and energy industries, and together with support and service offerings, X-am offers a complete mobile gas solution.

In addition, efficient fleet management is provided by the cloud-based Dräger X-dock test station, which automates detector testing and calibration. All test, calibration and device event history data can be automatically transferred to Gas Detection Connect and reported to ensure consistency, reliability and accuracy of employed equipment.

Adam Pope adds: “Our research has shown that the introduction of new technology, which includes the use of connectivity, offers a significant opportunity to improve occupational safety through advances such as real-time monitoring using systems such as Dräger Gas Detection Connect. Additional guarantees for worker safety.”

“The new X-am also supports the company’s sustainability goals, both directly through smaller packages and long-lasting sensors, and indirectly through compatibility with existing X-am accessories.”

According to the company, the body-worn device allows simultaneous measurement of up to four different gases for use in confined spaces to protect workers who work in oxygen-deficient, explosive environments or areas where toxic substances may be present.

The device has been tested according to international protection class 68, which measures the device’s resistance to dust and water, so the X-am 2800 can withstand even the harshest North Sea weather,” said Dräger Marine and Offshore .

Dräger Marine and Offshore Marketing Manager Euan McIntosh said: “The North Sea has some of the toughest working conditions in the offshore industry and workers need peace of mind when working in these conditions.

“We have listened to the industry and the X. -am 2800 is one of the few on the market that can withstand the wet and windy challenges of the North Sea and is suitable for use in a wide range of marine and offshore industries.

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