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Nilon’s started operation under the guidance of Suresh B Sanghavi in 1962. It was a family business, and Dipak Sanghavi is the second generation of the family to take the legacy forward. 

Mr. Dipak Sanghavi, Chairman and Managing Director of Nilon’s, believes that innovation, change, and growth are the essential ingredients for any company to succeed today. He is a serial entrepreneur who likes fixing puzzle pieces and has a hyper-focused vision to grow above the challenges. 

Nilon’s started as a small-scale manufacturer of pickles in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. The company has been around for 60 years and is still going strong. It has evolved from a pickle brand to a multiple consumer food products brand that caters to all sections of society. 

The first factory, a small unit of 2000 sq. feet was opened right next to the family’s fruit and vegetable farms. Suresh soon added pickles, tooty fruity and jams to Nilon’s offerings and the company quickly gained large institutional buyers including army canteens and Indian Railways. As the company entered new product categories, the old tradition of formulating recipes and discussing business over the dining table continued. One of the enthusiastic participants was Suresh’s 9- year-old son, Dipak Sanghavi, who was fascinated by the business.  

MD and CEO Nilon's

“In the early days of our business, We had many challenges to face and were challenged to be leaders in the industry. We had to let go of the fear that we would be unable to do it and learn how to lead. Nilon’s has always strived towards strengthening its presence among the consumers,” says Dipak.

15 years later, in April 2001, a 24-year-old Dipak, a graduate in Polymer engineering had just completed a business management course from IIM, Ahmedabad, when Suresh invited him to assist him at Nilon’s. Four months later, the young man was just beginning to handle the business, when tragedy struck. Suresh Sanghvi suffered a massive heart attack and passed away, leaving Dipak at the helm of affairs. He took over when the company had seen some tough times due to an economic slowdown.

Dipak credits his father’s hard work and perseverance for bringing them back on track. “He was passionate about building a strong brand image and wanted us to focus on quality rather than quantity,” Dipak told. 

Nilon's Foods

However, Nilon’s growth began when they started diversifying their portfolio with other products like spices, pastes, sauces, and other category products. It allowed them to expand their market reach beyond rural India.

Nilon’s is a pickle and condiment brand among India’s top 10 pickle brands. The company’s goal has always been to provide consumers with premium products that meet their needs at an affordable price. 

In 2004, Nilon’s started expanding its B2C (business-to-consumer) base by focusing on core product lines under the leadership of Dipak.

Nilon’s sales grew to 132 crores by 2009, with the company growing at 55% CAGR yearly. Nilon’s dealers quickly began springing up around the country, thanks in large part to the company’s reputation for success with new products.

In 2009, Nilon’s welcomed their first investor, the UK-based Pathak Family, and moved their headquarters from Jalgaon to Pune to attract talent to meet the demands of a growing company. In 2014, Banyan Tree joined in as the 2nd investor. Besides domestic sales, the company also started exporting to markets in France, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia

The company became a full-fledged player in the spices segment with its brand, Nilon’s sauce, which was launched in 2005, followed by Nilon’s Garlic paste, established in 2008, and a variety of ketchup. Other products include Mango Chutney (Pickles), Morinda Fruit Fruit Pickles, Betta Fruit, Fruit Pickles, and Tooty Fruity continued their tradition of bold experimentation and introduced new products including Chinese Szechuan chutney, chowmein masala, soya sauce, red and green chili sauce. 

These products have been gaining momentum due to their innovative formulations and taste profiles which consumers across age groups and genders love! It has become an essential supplier to many multinational brands in India and abroad. Nilon’s has won several accolades, including India’s top Food brand by the world leadership congress, Product of the Year 2021 award, and many others over the last decade.

Our vision is to become one of the leading brands in our industry through good innovation, dedication, and hard work,” said Dipak Sanghavi, MD of Nilon’s Food.

 Nilon’s products are sold through over 1,000+ stores nationwide, including major departmental stores. Sharing the journey from initial days to now a 500 cr brand, Dipak mentioned he learned how to grow as a team so that everyone works towards one goal and contributes with their strengths.

 You can be an effective leader by taking charge of your work and eliminating tasks that do not require your attention or expertise. His IIM professor suggested Rajheev Agrawal, a young gentleman who was taking great strides at HLL. A chartered accountant by profession, Rajheev had extensive marketing experience with iconic brands like HUL and ITC. Over a span of two meetings, Dipak became convinced Rajheev would be a great catalyst for achieving the vision he had envisaged for Nilon’s. 

 “I learned that leading by example is essential. If you want others to follow, you must model what it takes in an exemplary manner. We have critical leaders like Mr. Rajheev Agarwal, who took the company to the following milestones alongside me,” says Dipak.

 The company is looking forward to growing even more in future years with its dedicated team members working towards achieving targets set by management.

 “One must never forget that success is not everything, but failure is not an option either!” leadership team at Nilon’s.

Nilon’s Today: “Isme Pyaar Mila Hai

Nilon’s has had a consistent growth trajectory. The company is looking to scale up its business and achieve an annual turnover of Rs 1,500 crore by 2025. It plans to expand its reach to more than 10 lakh outlets and invest in the right people.

Keeping the right people and training them to do well is the key to success. Nilon’s is a people-oriented company that puts people first. “We believe our future will be bright if we build a strong foundation for growth,” said Dipak.

Widely chosen and trusted by Indians, Nilon’s has long since moved beyond the dining table to become a valuable partner in every Indian kitchen. Today it’s one of India’s fastest-growing processed food companies with an extensive range of cooking pastes, soups, noodles, pasta, ready-to-cook meals, jams, ketchup and sauces, papads, breakfast cereals and chutneys. Yet the essence of Nilon’s has not changed; to make food that people love. 

According to Dipak, “Getting the right taste in cooking is all about meeting the finer nuances of getting the right ingredients, right authentic recipes, right temperatures and even the right timing of blending them to achieve culinary delight. At Nilon’s, we pay attention to the smallest detail and go that extra mile to ensure the best quality.” 

Be it cold pressing & grinding of spices to preserve fresh flavors, using freeze-dried herbs to preserve the delicate aromas of exotic western cooking, or sourcing authentic ingredients like Sichuan pepper directly from their place of origin, you can taste the love of good food, attention to detail and creative thinking we invest into creating an array of delectable cuisines. 

As Dipak puts it, “Love” – it’s indeed our secret ingredient in crafting our finest recipes and unforgettable flavors for discerning our global consumers, perfectly enfolded in our slogan ‘isme pyaar mila hai’

Nilon’s is happy to announce First time in India the launch of a 25g pack of Masala for Rs.25. With the consumer offer of BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.

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