Best Agrolife Ltd. is first in India to manufacture propaquizafop technical

Best Agrolife Limited, a leading player in the Indian agrochemical industry, has received registration for domestic production of Propaquizafop u/s 9(3) in the 443rd meeting of the Central Insecticide Board and Registration Committee This makes Best Agrolife Limited (BAL) the first Indian agrochemical company to manufacture Propaquizafop Technical in India.

Propaquizafop is a post-emergence herbicide for several annual and perennial weeds in various broadleaf crops such as soybeans, cotton, legumes, sunflower, other crops, vegetables, fruit trees, vineyards, sugar beets, canola, and forestry. 

As a selective and systematic herbicide, it fights against weeds at all stages of their development. Environmentally friendly and safe for beneficial insects and mammals, propaquizafop is quickly absorbed into the leaves and transferred from the leaves to the growth points of the leaves and roots of the sprayed weed.

“BAL continued to roll the ball of innovation and progress this year, and this is due to our unwavering focus on R&D.” In addition to five new products, Axeman, Ronfe (a patented three-component insecticide), Reveal Tomb, and Warden, BAL became the first Indian agrochemical company to produce CTPR domestically (market size over Rs 2,800 crore) with the launch of Citigen and Vistara. We also obtained a patent for a first-of-its-kind fungicide formulation containing cyazofamid, dimethomorph, and difenoconazole (market size of Rs. 350 crore) and registration for domestic production of Pyroxasulfone technology (market size of Rs.450 crore),” said Vimal Alawadhi, MD, BAL.”Propakvisafop herbicide is critical to the Indian agricultural community because it effectively controls a wide range of weeds.a range of broadleaf crops harvests.

The Propaquizafop Technique is an important addition to the above list. 

BAL received a huge number of registrations this year, and we are focused on capitalizing on this opportunity. In addition to eliminating the import dependency of Propaquizafop Technical, we also focus on developing new Propaquizafop combinations through research and development and patenting them. “As Propaquizafop is also popular in the global herbicide market, we certainly look forward to exporting it in the future as well,” he added, commenting on the new development.

A scientific organization, BAL serves farmers by bringing world-class and cost-effective agricultural solutions in the form of new agrochemicals. BAL currently has a technical capacity of 7,000 MTPA and a formulation manufacturing capacity of 30,000 MTPA across three manufacturing facilities in Gajraula, Greater Noida, and Jammu and Kashmir; it has over 5,200 distributors in India and an unrivaled portfolio of 360 dosage forms and over 80 technical manufacturing licenses. The company recently moved from Group A to Group A of BSE companies.


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