Blue Ocean Closures partners with Alpla to commercialize fiber-based caps

Blue Ocean Closures received a second investment from its co-owner, Alpla Group, to expand and accelerate the introduction of environmentally friendly closure solutions to the market.

Alpla decided to invest in Blue Ocean Closures to increase the opportunities to grow the green operations and activities of the Swedish start-up in the field of fully bio-based, biodegradable, and recyclable caps and lids.

“Alpla’s first investment was in the research of new and existing technologies.” The second investment is based on a proof of concept and focuses on market entry. “The investment will help secure commercialization and accelerate the closure concept to market in 2023,” Lars Sandberg, CEO and founder of Blue Ocean Closures.

Blue Ocean Closures is considering allowing new investors to join the company in the first quarter of 2023 to further expand and grow.
Global paper recycling

One year ago, Blue Ocean Closures, a developer of fiber-based screw caps, was founded, and Glatfelter Corporation became a co-owner of Alpla Group, an Austrian plastic packaging and recycling company.
“The cap body of Blue Ocean Closures is based on cellulose fibers and, in some applications, combined with a top layer. “This means an important or complete transition to bio-based, biodegradable, and recyclable paper products replacing plastic in various segments,” says Sandberg. 

The body of the cap

Blue Ocean Closures is based on cellulose fibers.
“Paper products are recycled more often than plastic because the recycling system is the most comprehensive in the world.” Alpla Group Research, Development, and Innovation Director Christian Zmölnig adds that Apla has made rapid progress and is rapidly advancing towards the goal of developing viable fiber solutions. “As part of Alpla’s important circular economy strategic development, they have now decided to invest more in Blue Ocean Closures,” he says. 

Achieving Potential the achievements of Partners include significant product and material development, manufacturing, and personnel development. In August, Alpla’s management visited the Blue Ocean Closures production facility in Säffle, Sweden, home of the first continuously operating fiber-based closure production facility.
“The work done until 2022 showed the excellent stability, mechanical strength, and functionality of fiber coatings, as well as great potential for low-cost solutions and high scalability,” says Sandberg.
“This enables cost- and energy-efficient production in large quantities. Blue Ocean Closures is already working with strong brands and global partners, setting the stage for large-scale commercialization of the concept as early as 2023.
Zmölnig adds that having a fully functional machine installed and being used by a professional and experienced team is a critical step.
“We now have a product that has the potential to replace plastic closures in several important global product segments and markets.” “The goal is to be in commercial use with our fiber spiral cap in 2023,” he says.

“The dedicated and growing team and the additional investment of Alpla are solid proof that we are on the right track and can significantly strengthen our business resources,” Zmölnig summarizes.

Source: Packaging Insights

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