Bulgari opens new doorways for the metaverse, giving users a virtual world experience on Zepeto.

Bulgari has introduced a virtual world in the Metaverse Zepeto platform, providing visitors with both online and offline experiences. 

Zepeto says the experience is especially popular among Generation Z, which accounts for about 80% of users. High-end Italian jewelry and accessories brand Bulgari, has opened up an exclusive virtual world on Asia’s largest metaverse platform, Zepeto. 

The online space includes a pop-up store, Bulgari Sunset in Jeju, and a cafe based on the Italian luxury brand’s real-life retail store on Jeju Island. Users can find a virtual cafe-themed setting where they can enjoy desserts and drinks, as well as the brand’s Resort 2022  collection. 

Global Brand Ambassador Lisa, a member of Blackpink, held an event through VR through which her avatar could interact with fans. Her profile picture features various interactive experiences with fans in the virtual world. , including taking selfies. 
Guests will also be able to complete quests to receive items from the Resort’s collection. These include Bulgari’s Serpenti and Divas’ Dream lines, as well as designer accessories. 

Several brands, including Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Marine Serre, have also partnered with Zepeto, which has a network of more than 320 million users. 

zepeto metaverse
Source: Bulgari x Zepeto

About 80% of users are teenagers, which doesn’t seem like Bulgari’s target market given its luxury price tag. But the company says “the platform solidifies its position as a popular playground for global Gen Z in the age of the metaverse.” And luxury-focused Gen Z consumers are key to premium labels, both for what they can buy today and lock them into the brand in the future. 

Brands are increasingly looking to create seamless links between virtual and real and in this case, the physical pop-up store and the coffee shop located within Parnas Hotel Jeju were mostly created within Zepeto World. The company says the virtual experience includes “elements of fun for the user,” such as when a visitor completes a task, they receive a Bulgari Resort collection and special accessories. to make up their avatar. 

They can also find the brand’s Resort 2022  Collection “inspired by the summer sky with golden hues  and warm dreams in Eden.” And in real life, visitors “can enjoy desserts and drinks at Bulgari Sunset In Jeju, which embodies the brand’s identity.” 

It’s a different world from what marketing a brand like Bulgari would have looked like just a decade ago. But the metaverse is becoming increasingly important for fashion and luxury brands, especially in the tech-driven Asian market.

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