Coal-powered India: 1.39 mnt increase in Dec’22

India’s coal-fired power plant inventories rose to 32.32 million metric tons in December 2022, up 1.39 million metric tons month-over-m. In particular, power plant inventories have increased every month since October.

However, the amount of growth in December was the smallest compared to the last two months. The increase in coal reserves at power plants was 2.1 million tons in October and 2.7 million tons in November.

Increase in coal consumption

The increase in shares is due to the increase in coal consumption by power plants. At the same time, the amount of coal in power plants remained almost unchanged.
Power plants received an average of 2.157 million tons of coal per day in December, while their coal consumption was 2.118 million tons, and only 39,000 tons of coal were added daily.
In November, power plants received 2.109 million tons of coal per day, while their coal consumption averaged 2.019 million tons per day, with a daily coal inventory of 90,000 tons.
According to the Ministry of Electricity, domestic coal reserves increased by 2.59 million tons to 27.82 million tons in December. However, stocks of imported coal for power plants fell from 5.71 million tons in November to4.5 million tons

The number of critical-phase power plants is decreasing.

The number of power plants in critical condition decreased to 56 in December from 59 in November. This is due to the reduction of the number of private power plants at a critical stage. It was 36 in November but fell to 31 in December.
In addition, the number of critical-level power plants in the state sector increased from November 22 to December 2.
A power plant is in a critical stage when its coal reserve is less than 25% of the standard reserve.
In addition, nine power plants were out of service in December.


Marginal increase in non-pit plant inventory

In mines, coal-fired power plants located within 500 km of a coal mine have a coal inventory of 7.8 million metric tons, which is 11% m-o-m in December. The amount corresponds to the standard stock that the plants must keep.In December, however, the coal stock increased by 3% m/m to 24.5 million tons, and the standard stock was 51.8 million tons.

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