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met coke

India’s met-coke production continues to decline.

India’s metcoke production fell 24% m-o-m to 2.87 million metric tons in February 2023 from…
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carbon emissions

EU carbon emissions reach a new high as the cost of polluting rises.

The price of permits in the European Union carbon dioxide market reached 100 euros ($106.57)…
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coal price hike

China’s coal prices continue to tumble, leaving the import outlook in question.

Singapore: Chinese thermal coal prices fell to a one-year low this week as inventories rose…
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cil india

CIL scales up production to meet rising demand for thermal power plants.

Coal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi on Tuesday urged coal companies to identify and…
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coal-fired power plants

India gives coal-fired power plants a stay of execution until 2030.

The energy-starved country announced last May that it planned to cut power generation fromat least…
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coal stock

Coal-powered India: 1.39 mnt increase in Dec’22

India’s coal-fired power plant inventories rose to 32.32 million metric tons in December 2022, up…
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coal to graphite

New process could make coal-to-graphite conversions more efficient

The Ohio University team performed a series of simulations that showed how coal can be…
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china coal

China to ensure energy supply by approving new coal projects

 On Wednesday, China reiterated its focus on energy security, vowing to secure energy and power…
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coal demand

Global coal demand is expected to remain strong in 2023. 

According to the IEA Coal 2022 report, coal demand is forecast to grow by 1.2…
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