India’s met-coke production continues to decline.

India’s metcoke production fell 24% m-o-m to 2.87 million metric tons in February 2023 from 3.76 million metric tons in January 2023, according to data kept by CoalMint. Commercial coke production accounted for 0.22 million tons of total production, which was 33% less.own production was 2.69 million tons, or 22% m/o/m.

The Indian Metallurgical Coke Manufacturers Association (IMCOM) said that the domestic industry must be protected as India is becoming a dumping ground for imported metcoke. They sought to impose a 30 percent anti-dumping duty on metkos to protect domestic producers from cheaper imports. The commercial coke production capacity in the Indian market is approximately 7 million metric tons, and the current capacity utilization rate is only 30%.


Steel Key Figures

India’s finished steel production was 9.87 million metric tons in February, up 8% m/m from 10.93 million metric tons in January. Production increased by 3% year-on-year to 9.59 million tons in February 2021. 

Finished steel production rose by 6% to 109.35 million tons in April-February 2023, compared to 103 million tons last year.
India’s finished steel exports were 0.57 million tonnes (mt) in February compared to 0.58 million tonnes a month ago.  


Crude steel production 

In February, Indian mills produced 9.89 million tonnes, a 9% decrease from the 10.93 million tonnes produced in January.In addition, production declined year-on-year to 10.14million tons in February 2021.

India’s steel consumption was 10.09 million tons in February, up 5% from 10.67 million tons in January. However, consumption increased by 11% compared to February 2021, reaching 9.08 million tons.

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Metcoke production in India may increase with initiatives to promote domestic industry. As IMCOM has sought to impose anti-dumping duties, this may also lead to a reduction in coke imports from Indian plants.


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