Commitment towards a more inclusive and responsible travel industry

SEATTLE – July 5, 2022– Today, Expedia Group released its annual Global Impact Report, outlining how the company continues to contribute to the creation of a more accessible, equitable, and sustainable travel industry for generations to come. This report outlines Expedia Group’s efforts to help travelers experience the world in new ways and build lasting connections while having a positive impact on their destinations. It also details the way these values are built into Expedia Group’s operations and workplaces.

Last year was one of rebuilding globally across the travel industry as borders slowly reopened to travel. Expedia Group worked with its partners, communities, and travelers to leverage this momentum toward positive impact, including a $10.5 million donation to UNICEF to support vaccine equity through its Give the World a Shot initiative.

With employees spanning the globe and 200+ travel sites in over 70 countries, Expedia Group is committed to ensuring travel is inclusive and responsible. This report summarizes progress against this commitment across three key focus areas: Travelers, Environment, and Community. Underpinning that work is a strong governance structure designed to guide responsible, transparent, and ethical action.

As detailed in the report, Expedia Group’s key highlights from 2021 include:
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  • Continued to work closely with UNESCO on an industry-first Sustainable Tourism Pledge. To date, 9,000+ organizations have signed the Pledge making a public promise to advance travel that puts care for the planet and people first.
  • Utilized its travel platform to identify inclusive travel options, such as LGBTQIA+-welcoming hotels.
  • Initiated a formal commitment to reconciliation for Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) program, prioritizing respect and connection between people, cultures, and communities.


  • Proudly maintained carbon neutral status since 2017.
  • Purchased renewable electricity equivalent to 100% of global office consumption.
  • Awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification for its Seattle, Washington, campus.
  • Updated guidelines to promote only activities that uphold the organization’s animal welfare standards, meaning no longer selling or promoting attractions and activities that include performances, interactions, and swimming experiences with captive dolphins and whales.


  • 2,500+ employees participated in Expedia’s 10th annual Month of Caring, an internal global volunteer and donation activation.
  • Continued commitment to gender and racial/ethnic representation – In 2021, 45 percent of Expedia Group’s workforce was female, 37 percent of the workforce at the VP+ level was female, and 19 percent of U.S. hires were from racially/ethnically underrepresented groups. (More on Expedia Group’s commitment to representation can be found in its Inclusion and Diversity Report.)

“According to our research, 65% of travelers are more willing to book with travel providers that identify their practices as inclusive. Travelers, partners, and communities are seeking more responsible choices, and are looking to us for resources and inspiration,” said Aditi Mohapatra, Vice President of Global Social Impact & Sustainability at Expedia Group. “We are committed to building a more inclusive and sustainable travel industry. Our Global Impact Report outlines our positive work done to date and serves as a launching point for our further progress across key areas – economic advancement, barriers to access, and environmentally sustainable travel. Expedia Group is well-positioned to address the multi-faceted challenges facing the travel industry and deliver lasting impact for our stakeholders.”

A full list of initiatives and progress can be found in the 2021 Expedia Group Global Impact Report, available to download here.

The full report is available here

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