Emily’s Entourage welcomes world-renowned researcher Margarida D. Amaral to the Scientific Advisory Board!

Dr. Margarida D. Amaral, Principal Investigator (PI) on the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Ciências ULisboa), Portugal, has been introduced to the addition of the Scientific Advisory Board of Emily’s Entourage.

“I am pleased for you to serve on Emily’s Entourage’s Scientific Advisory Board. Together, we are able to paintings closer to growing progressive remedies for the whole cystic fibrosis community”

Those have been the phrases of Dr. Margarida Amaral at the event of her latest addition to the Scientific Advisory Board of Emily’s Entourage, a non-income affiliation whose most important task is to boost up studies to locate new remedies and a therapy for sufferers with cystic fibrosis, along with people with greater complicated genetic mutations: the nonsense mutations.

For over 20 years, Dr. Amaral’s studies has been committed to the simple and translational studies of CF. Currently chief of the Functional Genomics and Proteostasis studies organization on the Biosystems and Integrative Sciences Institute – BioISI at Ciências ULisboa, the general intention of her studies has been to apprehend the molecular and cell mechanisms of cystic fibrosis and the way to efficiently translate this information to gain sufferers. To date, Dr. Amaral has authored greater than 170  global papers.

According to Dr. Chandra Ghose, Chief Scientific Officer at Emily’s Entourage, having Dr. Margarida Amaral on the Scientific Advisory Board of Emily’s Entourage could be very critical because “Developing breakthroughs for cystic fibrosis begins off evolved with expertise this complicated sickness on the maximum essential level. Dr. Amaral has spent her profession running to higher apprehend — and leverage — the pathology of the sickness”. Furthermore, Dr. Chose provides that “Dr. Amaral’s know-how in uncommon and nonsense mutation studies might be an impactful addition to our Scientific Advisory Board”.

Dr. Amaral joins different ten individuals of the Scientific Advisory Board – pinnacle researchers, clinicians and leaders within the board

  • David M. Bedwell, PhD
  • Jennifer Bomberger, PhD
  • Kevin Foskett, PhD (board chair)
  • Denis Hadjiliadis, MD
  • Patrick Harrison, PhD
  • Batsheva Kerem, PhD
  • Maria Limberis, PhD
  • Jennifer Taylor-Cousar, MD, MSCS, ATSF
  • Ted J. Torphy, PhD
  • David B. Weiner, PhD
Dr. Margarida

Background of Professor Margarida D. Amaral

Professor Margarida D. Amaral is a mother of four sons. At the same time, she has been working full-time as a university lecturer and researcher for the past 23 years. 

The latter is entirely dedicated to basic and translational research in genetic diseases (CF). The main focus of basic research is on the normal and mutant membrane protein CFTR (CF transmembrane conductance regulator), which when mutated causes CF, biogenesis, transport, and degradation in molecular and cellular mechanisms.

The general goal of her research is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of CF and to translate this knowledge for the benefit of patients. She has authored 112 international publications (average citations per article: 17.93), including 57 as a senior or corresponding author;
book chapters; edited two books and two special magazine issues. 


Her publications have been cited 2,482 (Scopus) and 3,389 (Google Scholar) times. H-index: 28 (Scopus) 33 (Google Scholar); i10 – index: 74. Researcher ID: E-5748-2012 | Scopus Author (Orchid): ID 7006683774.

At the same time, she taught molecular biology at the University of Lisbon (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) for 5 years.
semesters with an average teaching time of 9 hours per week.
She directly or indirectly supervised 15 completed doctoral students (6 in progress); 16 doctoral degrees (in progress); and more than 23 junior students (BSc, MSc). also supervise 4 independent (FCT) researchers and one assistant professor.

Patents and Grants

Dr. Amaral was involved in 31 grants totaling 3.6 million euros, 18 of which he was the principal researcher. Seven of them were from the EU, one of which she coordinated (TargetScreen2) and the other of which he served as deputy coordinator (EuroCareCF). She has been a member of EMBO since 2001.

She is currently the Director of the BioISI Institute of Biosystems and Integrative Sciences (Lisbon, Portugal), the Coordinator of the BioSys PhD Program (funded by FCT), and a member of the European Cystic Fibrosis Society (ECFS) Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).ECFS Basic Science Working Group and co-editor of the Journal of Cystic Fibrosis (Elsevier). A former member of the SAB and CF Trust (UK) and Mukoviszidos e.V. (CF Foundation Germany).
She has three patents and maintains business consulting relationships with industry (BioMarin, Vertex, Facilitate, Gilead, LEK, Reuters, Novartis, and others).
She has given 135 invited international talks (36 national), including one open session at the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference (2007) andopen sessions at European CF Society conferences (2004, 2008, 2013, 2016). For 10 years, organized ECFS Basic Science conferences and 6 international training workshops for young scientists in the field of CF. She organized a total of 26 international conferences as the president of the 2013 ECFS-European CF.

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