Evolving in the world of communications, Rachel Delphin embarks on her new journey as CMO of Twitch.

Twitch saw a shift to the top of the marketing ranks last week as Chief Marketing Officer Doug Scott was promoted to Chief Customer Officer and Rachel Delphin assumed the CMO role.

Scott will continue to lead Twitch’s international team, while Delphin will oversee the strategic direction of her marketing, creative, growth, media, integrated marketing, PR, and social media teams for streaming her platform’s brands. Before joining Twitch in October 2019, she led global marketing for the mobile and social gaming company Zynga.

Delphin was the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications before she joined Twitch in April 2018, where she led her team of communications at the startup Tanium.

About Rachel Delphin:

Rachel began her career as an Account Executive and Event Director at Susan Magrino and later shifted to Wired as the Director of Public Relations, where she managed media and external communications for Wired and sister site Ars Technica, including highlighting the stories and how they’re made.

After working with wired, Delphin got the opportunity to work at Twitter as Head of Product Communications in December 2013, where she led the team that told the stories about the consumer and developer features and products Twitter built and bought the work that went into them, along the people responsible for it.

“We focused primarily on Twitter-owned owned and operated apps, Twitter iOS and Android, Twitter.com, Tweetdeck, and Periscope, as well as product partnerships and integrations,” said Delphin.

At times, that meant reactive and crisis communication work and M&A news, in addition to the core work of informing and educating users about new features and updates.

Rachel Delphina corpradar

Delphin served as Head of Communication at Tanium, where she took responsibility for the full spectrum of communications to work from strategy to execution: managing all news and announcements, profiles, and campaigns, plus rapid response and crisis management. all while building a team and supporting our worldwide network of agencies.

Delphin was the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications before she joined Twitch in April 2018, where she led her team of communications at the startup Tanium.

From Vice President Communications to now managing the leadership position of Chief Marketing Officer at Twitch, her journey has been full of breakthroughs and evolved around PR, marketing, and communications.

Rachel Delphin, Education

Rachel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Florida and joined Susan Magrino’s agency in 2007. She started as an Account Executive and Event Director where she managed public relations activities for luxury lifestyle clients with a concentration in travel and culinary and has held many leadership positions since then. In 2022, she became CMO of Twitch and is responsible for marketing and scaling the brand strategy globally.

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