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bank collapse

US banks are at risk of collapse as financial instability grows.

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (NASDAQ: SIVB) exposed a weakness in the financial system…
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signature bank collapse-

Signature Bank becomes the latest victim of the banking crisis in the US

New York state financial regulators shut down Signature Bank on Sunday as fallout from the…
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digital dollar

President Biden’s administration is moving forward with plans for a “Digital Dollar”.

An administration official told Insider that the US Treasury Department’s efforts to create an American…
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wall street crash

The Wall Street Crisis: How close are we to a recession?

The war in Ukraine, in all of its ramifications, is wreaking havoc on a world…
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crypto payments

Why more businesses are turning to crypto payment gateways?

According to a report, 77% of merchants who choose to accept crypto as a…
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smbc nikko

SMBC Nikko Securities slapped with ¥700 million fine for stock price manipulation

The Tokyo District Court on Monday fined SMBC Nikko Securities ¥700 million yen and an additional…
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adani enterprises

Adani Group firms take a hit as MSCI announces a weighting reduction.

After revaluing the number of freely traded shares, index provider MSCI said it will reduce…
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softbank group

SoftBank loses billions of dollars in another quarter as the downturn continues. 

SoftBank Group’s funding automobiles posted a lack of practically $6 billion within the quarter that…
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citi and adani

No More Margin Loans for Adani Securities from Citigroup’s Wealth Unit

Citigroup Inc.’s treasury department has stopped accepting securities from Gautam Adani’s group of companies as…
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