Get your game on with Amazon Prime Gaming in India!

Amazon quietly launched Amazon Prime Gaming, its subscription service that offers access to multiple games, to its members in India, weeks after it began testing the service in the South Asian market. Amazon Prime and Video members get it for free.

Games offers users access to a variety of mobile, PC, and Mac games and in-game content at no additional cost. Each month, the e-commerce group adds several new titles to the service.

As of this writing, some of the free games and their loot boxes available for Indian users are League of Legends, DeathLoop, Quake, COD Season 1, EA Madden 23, FIFA 23, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Boys.

Prime Gaming makes the Amazon Prime subscription, which costs just $18 per year in India, even more attractive to certain demographics in the South Asian market. It could also have a “fascinating long-term impact” on India’s PC gaming ecosystem, said Rishi Alwani, a longtime industry analyst and head of communications at Pune-headquartered gaming company SuperGaming.

“This would expose Indian PC gamers with Prime subscriptions to a variety of content, which they may not be attracted to.” Overall, PC gaming in India is value-driven, running through either big-budget “safe” AAA fare like GTA 5 or free-to-play games like Valorant. “


Prime Gaming offers a diverse, curated selection of genres and titles that many may not have even considered picking up and playing otherwise, like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons,”.

“When you add in-game content to popular games like Modern Warfare 2 and Apex Legends, it’s clear that Amazon India is at a point where it wants to play to retain its growing number of Prime subscribers.”

Price of Amazon Prime Gaming in India

Amazon Prime Games are part of the Prime subscription. If you already have a Prime membership, you can use Prime Gaming for free in India.Elsewhere, you can buy an Amazon Prime monthly subscription for Rs. 179 or a quarterly subscription for Rs.
59, as well as an annual subscription of Rs 1.
99, which includes free shipping, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Prime Music services.

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