Google will reveal its ChatGPT competitor this week. 

Beating Microsoft and OpenAI is no fun for Google. It aims to highlight current advances in artificial intelligence in a YouTube live stream on February 8, The Verge reports, based on an invitation received.
According to other reports, Google may launch its own ChatGPT competitor.According to Bloomberg, Google has spent nearly $400 million in the field of anthropology.

Google boss Sundar Pichai said in a recent investor call that “very soon,” users will be able to “interact directly” with the tech titan’s own language models that work with Google Search.
“It allows them to innovate and build their own applications and explore new possibilities with AI beyond our language, multimodal, and other AI models,” he said.
Pichai said language mockups will be available in the coming weeks and months to help Google test and improve the technology. The company plans to kick things off with LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications), a forum chat that a Google engineer previously claimed was intelligent.
After Microsoft bet $10 billion on ChatGPT maker OpenAI, the AI race has heated up.The former also recently announced the future integration of ChatGPT with its cloud services.

Secrets Revealed: Google’s Upcoming AI Model Event

Google’s event will also highlight how its advanced AI model can be used in various ways, such as providing quick recommendations for hotels or restaurants. It can also be used in medical diagnosis. Google remained tight-lipped about the event, and the company did not offer more details about the presentation.

With the huge potential of AI models, technical experts expect the event to be exciting. Google’s event takes place on YouTube and attracts the attention of techies, search engine experts, and fans of artificial intelligence. In anticipation of Google’s event, all eyes are on the company’s latest foray into artificial intelligence.

Google continues to innovate in artificial intelligence with the introduction of the Apprentice Bard chat. The use of LaMDA technology allows this chat not only to answer questions but also to do so in more detail.

Additionally, Google is experimenting with different ways to prioritize this technology, introducing an alternative search page that uses a question-and-answer format and a results page that offers more natural answers.

While it may take some time for this technology to reach the mainstream, it shows that Google continues to push the boundaries of AI and has big plans to keep the search engine at the top.

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