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oil barrels

Russia’s Surprising Rise To The Top Of The Oil World

Russia was China’s largest oil supplier in January-February, surpassing Saudi Arabia, which was China’s top…
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gas supply

Africa will play a key role in global gas supply by 2050.

According to a report by the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), Africa’s share of the…
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world trade

How to thrive in the ever-changing world of international trade.

Trade growth outpaced global gross domestic product (GDP) growth for three decades before the COVID-19…
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russia oil

Russian oil prices skyrocket, leaving consumers scrambling.

Moscow’s trading partners have increasingly paid more for Russian oil than quoted prices indicate, Goldman…
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China and India lead the way in emerging logistics markets.

The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to shape the outlook for emerging markets and global supply…
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shippig industry

The shipping industry’s 2023 Outlook: What to Expect

In recent years, there has been a lack of confidence in the maritime industry. From…
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russia oil trade

Europe bankrolls Russia’s war in Ukraine with dirty fossil fuel money.

European ships continue to export millions of tonnes of fossil fuels from Russia, providing vital…
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oil gas

Guyana seeks oil block partners from Qatar, UK, UAE and India.

Crude oil prices remained mixed in Asian trade on Tuesday on hopes of a rebound…
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russian oil

Capitalizing on cheap Russia oil: Traders in Singapore reap big profits.

Demand for tankers is growing in Singapore, a sign that Russian fuel is being blended…
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