Horizon Power and Hybrid Systems Australia are working together to develop green energy solutions for the future. 

Hybrid Systems Australia, Pacific Energy’s integrated renewable energy subsidiary, joined Horizon Power in the official launch of the Horizon Power Renewable Energy Demonstration Plant.

Australia’s first project, jointly delivered by Horizon Power and Hybrid Systems Australia, will test the technological and commercial viability of renewable hydrogen as a primary energy source.

Hybrid Systems Australia participated in the design, construction, and commissioning of the plant and worked closely with Pacific Energy subsidiary ENGV to supply and install the hydrogen equipment for the integrated system, including a 348 kW electrolyser, a dedicated hydrogen compression and storage system, and a 100 kW fuel cell.
The company also built a 704kW solar power plant to generate renewable energy for hydrogen production.

In addition to providing valuable lessons for future applications of renewable hydrogen in power generation, the system aims to demonstrate the efficiency of hydrogen devices such as the electrolyser and fuel cell and the speed of hydrogen growth in response to declining solar energy. Mike Hall, managing director of Hybrid Systems Australia said the project proved to be groundbreaking and provided ample opportunity to further develop the company’s expertise and add value to the growing sector.


hydrogen plant

“As an industry first, this project presented us with really interesting opportunities to increase our capacity in the green hydrogen project delivery area,” he said.

“This is a nascent industry in Australia, so we really had to start from scratch, from first-principles system design to navigating existing and emerging industry regulations and licencing for different applications.” We worked closely with Horizon Power and the regulators to get the process right. It was a very dynamic project, but we saw every challenge as an opportunity for growth, and in doing so, we saw things with fresh eyes. in utility applications.” 

The plant, which produced its first hydrogen in October, is expected to produce renewable energy equivalent to the average energy needs of 100 households, or approximately 20% of Denham’s residential and commercial electricity needs, and will replace approximately 11% of Denham’s residential and commercial electricity needs 140,000 litres of diesel oil per year.

The project is a A$9.3 million ($6.2 million) investment funded by Horizon Power, the State Government of Western Australia, and the Australian Federal Government. The Government of Western Australia provided A$5.7 million in funding and A$1 million through the Renewable Energy Fund. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) provided A$2.6 million through its Renewable Energy Program.

Hybrid Systems Australia, a subsidiary of QIC-owned Pacific Energy Group Holdings Pty Ltd, has currently commissioned Horizon Power’s renewable hydrogen demonstration plant, which is expected to be fully operational in early 2023.

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