Imagining A Brighter Future For Luxury Mobility: Hype

Hype is a luxury mobility marketplace that rents out luxury cars, yachts and private jets with great tech innovation. The company provides the first and only booking platform for luxury cars, jets, and Yachts simultaneously, allowing customers to book their desired luxury experience with a single platform.

It was founded in 2017 by siblings Raghav Belavadi and Vijaya Belavadi. They had faced a situation where they wanted to hire a luxury car for their parent’s wedding anniversary and could not get the right vendor and experiential service.

The brand has partnered with Enterprise Exotic Cars, one of the biggest American car rental companies. With this partnership, Hype has expanded its operations to the UK and Canada. It claims to be India’s largest luxury car rental company, with over 500 cars across 23 cities in India.

The brand offers premium cars from major manufacturers such as Audi, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, and Lexus. It also offers SUVs like Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Sport, as well as SUVs from other brands such as Hummer H2 and Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.

“Our brand is about providing an exceptional customer experience and value over time, which we promise to our clients by offering only handpicked cars with the best service and value.” said Raghav Belavadi, Director and Founder of Hype Luxury.

The company started as an online platform to rent out luxury cars but expanded into other segments such as yachts and Private Jets over time.

The brand has grown rapidly due to its focus on delivering great value to customers and its association with some of India’s largest corporations like American Express, Enterprise Exotic Cars, and HNI communities to bring you the best of both worlds, delivering exceptional service along with a world-class product line.

The team comprises young professionals passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience while caring for their personal needs. The people at Hype have more than 3 years of experience in the tourism industry and understand what makes a great travel experience. 

“We understand that every traveler wants to be pampered when they travel, which is why we have made it our mission to ensure every guest has an enjoyable time while they are on holiday!” said Raghav.

Delivering a world-class customer experience

Hype’s core target audience is A-list celebrities, business tycoons, socialites, and people who want to live an extravagant lifestyle. The brand has an extensive network of dealers that can deliver cars from across the country within 2 hours of booking time.

They have a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and a luxurious experience with every visit. The company has a range of vehicles from the best in class to suit your needs, whether traveling for business or pleasure. Hype focuses on creating an unforgettable experience every time you rent with them.

Hype understands that it’s not enough to provide you with the best cars and service – they want to ensure you have a memorable experience. To do this, they constantly innovate and bring new ideas to the table. People at Hype believe that technology is no longer just about saving time; it can also help make life easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable by making things simpler. 

They use technology in their daily operations to deliver impeccable customer service.

Hype is the first and only luxury car rental company in India that offers customers a world-class experience at an affordable price. It has been serving customers in the Indian market with its unique and out-of-the-box car rental services.

What sets Hype apart from other car rental companies?

 The first thing you will notice about Hype Car Rental is their high-quality cars. They have handpicked all their fleet, and they have only the best models in their fleet. They have sedans and SUVs in their fleet and also offer BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguar Land Rovers, Audi A8 Ls, and more!

Hype also offers a wide range of packages, like city tours, road trips, and luxury cars for rent. They also have different options, like a driver who will take you around in style!

 If you want something special, look no further because they offer unique services like one-way car rental! You can use your rental car at any point in time without paying additional charges or waiting for a return date. 


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