Invest in Saudi Arabia’s natural resources and reap the benefits!

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has called on key stakeholders in Africa’s mining industry  to work together and benefit from the kingdom’s rich and vast natural resources to  support economic growth and social development. 

Speaking at the African Mining Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Mines Khalid Al-Mudayfer said the kingdom’s mineral resources are valued at $1.3 trillion, the Saudi reported. -Arabic Press Agency  on Tuesday. 

 He reviewed the investment opportunities offered by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, as well as the infrastructure and legislative capabilities of the Kingdom, which he said positions Saudi Arabia as a leading investment destination  in the global mining sector. 

 Al-Mudayfer, who opened the meeting organized by the ministry for potential investors, highlighted what he said were the great opportunities of the kingdom and its efforts to develop the mining sector. 

 He talked about the modernization of the mining investment system, which includes the regulatory infrastructure of the industry and a clear, transparent and simple environment for investors, as well as the availability of geological information for investors, improvement of basic infrastructure and incentives for them. . who invest the Saudi delegation that participated in the four-day exhibition included representatives from the Ministry of Investment, the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program, the Saudi Geological Survey and the National  Industrial Development Center. 

The Saudi Arabian pavilion at the event showcases the Kingdom’s ongoing efforts to develop the mining industry by facilitating access to geological information and updating regulations and laws to attract investors, create a foundation for sustainable development and develop a mining industry based on integrated value chains.

Source: Arab News

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