Lexus will spearhead Toyota’s push for next-generation EVs.

According to Toyota Motor Corp.’s incoming CEO, Koji Sato, the company plans to use its Lexus luxury brand to transition to the next generation of battery-powered vehicles.

Sato, who will become the next boss of the world’s biggest carmaker on April 1, made the comments at a press conference in Tokyo, the first since he was unveiled as the successor to outgoing chief Akio Toyoda last month.
Car manufacturers have been criticised for being late to the adoption of battery electric vehicles in favour of hybrids and hydrogen technology. It has long been said that different markets require different technologies to achieve zero emissions.


According to the incoming CEO, Lexus will spearhead Toyota’s push for next-generation EVs.
Sato said that although the company’s idea that it should offer several options to consumers has not changed at all, it would speed up the electric offering of the battery.
An engineer by training, Sato began his career at Toyota in 1992 before rising to the position of chief engineer at Lexus International in 2016.
He led the creation of Lexus’ first all-electric model, but previously talked about keeping others open for increased vehicle opportunities.

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