Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s Chief Business Officer, is stepping down. 

Robert Kyncl will retire from YouTube in early 2023 after more than 12 years of leadership at the video giant. 

Most recently, he served as the Chief Business Officer of his YouTube channel, growing it into a multi-billion dollar powerhouse. 

Kyncl’s retirement was announced Monday in a memo from CEO Susan Wojcicki to her YouTube employees. 

Kyncl is leaving for “the next chapter of his career,” writes Wojcicki. Under his leadership, YouTube has grown into music, traditional media, and technology, and creators. He has forged new relationships and partnerships across the ecosystem. 

Mary Ellen as new CBO

Succeeding Kyncl, Mary Ellen will take the new role from October 3rd. 

She is a 10-year veteran of Google, most recently serving as President of Google Customer Solutions, overseeing the Internet company’s global advertising business for mid-and small-sized businesses. 

Before she joined Google in 2012, she was a partner at McKinsey & Co., where she advised consumer, media, and technology companies for 12 years. She was on the board of directors of Merck & Co., and when the grocery chain was acquired by Amazon, she was on the board of Whole Foods. 

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Ellen over the years. She is a smart and capable person who deeply cares about our users, partners, and employees. leader,” Wojcicki addressed in her note. 

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Kyncl Journey at Youtube

Kyncl faced some setbacks while growing engagement and revenue on YouTube. He led the founding of YouTube’s original content team. The team initially wanted to form the foundation for YouTube’s subscription service and rival Netflix and Hulu.

It didn’t work out, and YouTube shut down most of its original entertainment projects. Before he joined YouTube in 2010, Kyncl worked at Netflix, where he worked for over seven years, most recently as Vice President of Content. 

Throughout his career at YouTube, Kyncl has led global content initiatives, overseeing data and distribution partnerships and operations and was a frequent speaker on International television.

He is a frequent speaker at markets and conferences. Kyncl was considered the face of YouTube’s content drive until 2015 when Susanne Daniels was appointed Vice President of Original Content. 

Daniels held the role of global head of original content until leaving the video platform earlier this year, coinciding with YouTube exiting the original content creation space. 

His content strategy has also evolved over the years, with plans for a “premium” subscription model, originally called YouTube’s “Red,” shelved in favour of his move to an AVOD approach in 2018. 

Kyncl’s next steps remain unknown. Prior to joining YouTube, he spent over seven years at Netflix, where he served as VP of Content before moving to the Google-owned company.

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