The Genesis X Convertible Concept is a Strikingly Beautiful Electric vehicle.

Genesis continues to develop its concept cars. Hot on the heels of this weekend’s LA Auto Show, the South Korean luxury brand has just unveiled the X convertible. 

The stunning car is the company’s third battery-powered prototype in the last two years and is undoubtedly stylish.

The debut of the new X-Car becomes a semi-regular event. Genesis unveiled the first, the X Concept, in March 2021, followed by the X Speed Coupe this spring. The name is not all that unites the vehicles. They all share a common design language that hasn’t lost its power after three rounds. 

The X Convertible takes the best of its predecessors—bold lighting, a wide stance, and an extended wheelbase—and adds elegance and playfulness. It mostly looks like the two-door X Speedium Coupe but without the roof. However, the Genesis hasn’t completely lost it, as the trunk has a folding hardtop. 

Reducing the roof significantly changes the profile of the vehicle, making it sportier than before. We also like the triangular light “grille” at the nose of the car. It was also a direct predecessor to the convertible but looks much more striking against the background of this vehicle’s opalescent finish.

It seems that the cottage remained relatively intact. The cabin has an L-shaped screen that includes a digital instrument cluster and an infotainment screen, while the rest of the dashboard is as streamlined as possible. 


genesis x convertible

Style isn’t the only thing the X-Convertible has in common with other concepts. also arrives without technical details. Unfortunately, there is a reason for this. The amazing roadster is just a design study, not a preview of the vehicle in development. Like the other X-cars, Genesis has no plans to put it into production. However, you can expect elements of this design to filter into the brand’s future EVs, which we think is a very good thing.

Opening the transparent folding hard top reveals a two-seat interior seemingly inspired by Korean roof architecture and a very driver-centric cabin. “2” would also briefly describe the design of this car, especially those lights. It’s the brightest interpretation of Genesis’ two horizontal corporate LED signatures, with the headlights appearing to run into the wheel wells and extend to the doors.
However, the wheels are probably even more striking than the lights. 

Although these appear to be the most powerful-looking bike wheels in the world, we do not anticipate seeing these exact rims on any production car. But looking at some of the wheels that have appeared on street-spec Genesis vehicles so far, a simplified version of this is not out of the question. Genesis says the concave portion of these wheels helps dissipate heat from the brakes.

It was revealed at an event where attendees wore headphones and listened to the powerful sound of internal combustion engines, the Genesis X Cabriolet concept is electric and is said to use the same power as the hardtop Genesis X concept.

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