The most prominent NYC Luxury Tower with Self-Irrigating Gardens

Manhattan is known for its glittering apartment buildings, but one of the biggest problems with living in these environments, especially over the past two years, is that they’re often cut off from the natural world. 

Fortunately, new properties are solving this problem by creating residences that bring the outdoors in through bio-preferred design principles. One of the upcoming projects is Flatiron House, which promises to bring fully furnished gardens into each individual home. 

The project marks a partnership between Anbau Development and Cookfox Architects, both of which have offices in Flatiron County and have previously worked on new construction in the area. The building will be located on 23rd and 24th Streets and will consist of two separate buildings, one on each street: The Tower and the Loft. 

The residences range from one to four bedrooms (some are two-story apartments with private terraces) and will be occupied starting this summer. 


living room
Living room


The building’s exterior has a limestone and bronze facade, giving it an immediate sense of warmth. The interior reflects this feeling, with brass and walnut details. Since Cookfox designed the property with principles of biological preference, he envisioned homes as a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city just beyond. 

“Even with these large and beautiful windows, we still wanted soundproofing,” said Rick Cook, one of Cookfox’s directors. “Part of the definition of luxury, comfort, and quality is also very calming. Therefore, windows and window assemblies are designed to perform at a very high level. Residents will be located in midtown Manhattan, but you won’t hear much from the outside, although those at the top can enjoy views of Madison Square Garden in the distance. 


Primary Bedroom

One of the most unique aspects of these apartments is that most will come with landscaped gardens on the deep loggia. 

This will be a relatively low maintenance cost for residents, as each area will have a self-spraying irrigation system. Herbs at home range from oregano and lavender to strawberries and blueberries, so you can incorporate them into different recipes. 

It’s one of many ways the project was designed with full-time residents in mind, as opposed to the part-time headquarters found on Billionaire’s Row. “In the majority of our buildings, people actually live there,” said James Treacy, director of development at Anbau. “They found that the spaces we were developing were beneficial for family life and for city life. 

The idea of bringing the outside in continues in the courtyard, which connects two separate buildings and functions as a private garden in the middle of the city. It is an integral part of the building’s DNA, as all amenities, including the library and fitness center, have terraces overlooking this space. 

Only homes are available for purchase, and those looking to add a bit of nature to their day can begin purchasing apartments right away. Prices range from about $2 million to over $13 million.

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