The New Frontier of International Higher Education: UGC Aligns Regulations with NEP 2020

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) has finally set regulations to internationalize and modernize the Indian education system under the New Education Policy (2020). HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal announced the New Education Policy (NEP), 2020, which aims to raise the level of education in the country.

To promote internationalization of higher education and make India the most popular place to study, NEP 2020 calls for several measures, including facilitating faculty/student exchange, research and teaching partnerships, and signing relevant, mutually beneficial MoUs with foreign countries. It also includes encouraging top Indian universities to set up campuses abroad.

For example, students from the world’s top 100 universities are allowed to work in India. Each higher education institution (HEI) establishes an international student office to receive and assist students arriving from abroad. In addition, each higher education institution has the right to count credits earned in foreign universities, if necessary, and courses and programs are organized there in subjects such as indology, Indian languages, AYUSH systems of medicine, yoga, the arts, etc.

Many steps have been taken. improve the internationalization of higher education within the framework of the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020, including:

Identifying and promoting the unique strengths of each student and educating parents and teachers on the need to promote the holistic development of each student, both academically and in the learning and educational sphere, extracurricular areas. 

Flexibility allows students to choose their own study paths and programs and, in turn, their own life path according to their abilities and interests. In order not to undermine hierarchies and silos between different fields of study, there should be no clear distinctions between arts and sciences, curricular and extracurricular activities, professional and academic streams, etc.

Students majoring in the natural sciences can choose, for example, physics as a major and music as a minor. Any combination is acceptable.
In order to ensure the unity and integrity of all knowledge, a multidisciplinary and comprehensive education is needed, which includes natural, social, artistic, humanitarian, and sports disciplines. Emphasizing conceptual knowledge over rote learning and studying for exams; using creativity and critical thinking to promote innovation and rational decision-making

Encourage multilingualism and value language both in teaching and learning and in the development of quality of life, including flexibility, cooperation, and teamwork. Instead of the summative assessment that supported the “training culture” until now, more emphasis is placed on regular assessment that shapes learning.



An education system rooted in Indian culture that will directly help develop India, or Bharat, into a vibrant and just information society over time by providing quality education to all and making India a global information superpower.

The curriculam and pedagogy of our educational institutions must promote deep respect for the nation, loyalty to the country, and a conscious understanding of one’s responsibilities in a changing world.

One of the most important visions is the development of knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that support a responsible commitment to human rights, sustainable development, and global well-being. to instill deep-rooted pride in Indianness, not only in thought but also in spirit, intellect, and action.

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