Tietto gets things flowing at Côte d’Ivoire gold project

African gold explorer and developer Tietto Minerals has begun a wet start-up at the Abujar gold project in Ivory Coast.
The company has started construction of a semi-autogenous grinding mill (SAG) plant and a 4.5 million tonne (Mtpa) coal-in-leach processor at the project after 12 months of construction.
Tietto expects its first gold in ten days, from 3.45 moz Abujar gold project of 5 million ounces
The project is located 30 kilometers from the city of Daloa in western Ivory Coast and consists of three adjacent research buildings totaling 1,114square kilometers
Once the processing facility and tailings storage facility (TSF) are fully operational, the gold project is expected to produce 260,000 ounces of gold in the first year.

In the first six years, the Abujar project is expected to produce 1.2 moz of gold. Caigen Wang, CEO of Tietto Minerals said: “Building a gold mine the size of Abujar in less than 12 months is an amazing achievement.”
“Doing it during COVID due to supply chain issues, price increases, and a lack of skilled workers made it almost impossible.” Our own construction team has shown that it can be done with careful planning, careful management, and hard work.

Tietto intends to drill up to 120,000 meters of diamonds in CY23-s at the Abujari project with its eight rigs.
“If Tietto strikes first gold at the Abujari gold project,” Tietto stated in a press release, “Abujari will become the most significant new mine from West Africa.” gold mine.”

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