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How will the travel evolve in the next decade?

Although severe restrictions remain in place, travel agency advertisements have recently grown increasingly common. According…
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thailand air polution

Thailand’s tourism at risk as air pollution worsens

Chiang Maihe Thailand – The Doi Suthep hilltop, which overlooks the ancient  megacity of Chiang…
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satte 2023 (1)

SATTE 2023: A New Era for India Tourism

India’s leading trade fair organizer, Informa Markets, is all set to organise South Asia’s largest…
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air travel 2023

Get Ahead of the Curve: Top Air Travel Industry Insights for 2023

Air travel declined significantly in 2020 and 2021, but demand for air travel increased in…
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Hong Kong’s Newest Tourist Attraction: Free Plane Tickets!

Hong Kong is handing out airline tickets and vouchers to lure tourists back to the…
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limo blue

The new Limo Blue is the perfect way to travel in style!

Limo Blue Tenders have become almost as sophisticated as superyachts on the high seas. Case…
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icao travel

ICAO issues new COVID-19 travel recommendations

– ICAO has issued reinforced recommendations for countries on risk management and the introduction of…
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luxury good

South Korea’s love for luxury goods knows no bounds!

South Koreans spend the most per capita on personal luxuries, Morgan Stanley said. The investment…
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Hotels need to up their game to keep up with Generation Novel.

What defines world-class guest service? Is it personalized offers or a value-based loyalty program? Is…
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