Uncle Nearest’s New Ryes are the perfect addition to your whiskey lineup!

Uncle Nearest Straight Rye Whiskey furthers the brand’s commitment to honoring its namesake, Nearest Green, by creating the highest quality whiskeys possible. The November 10 release follows the sale of the distillery’s exclusive Uncle Nearest Uncut/Unfiltered Rye Whiskey. It has already received rave reviews from critics and won awards from major competitions, including the Drinks Business Best in Class and the Spirits Business Autumn Tasting. Chosen by Nearest Green, four-time Master Blender of the Year and great-grandson of Victoria Eady Butler, this 100-proof straight rye has a bold, decadent nose; the taste shows light vanilla cream, caramelized sugar, and unmistakable rye spice; it is complemented by a long, rich finish.
“It took us a while to release our 100-proof whiskey. “When we set out to add rye to our range, it had to receive all the accolades and awards that our other whiskeys receive,” said Master Blender Victoria Eady Butler. “My great-great-grandfather’s legacy demands that we take time to do things differently. “I’m sure he would be so proud of this rye whiskey.”

Due to the challenges of growing rye in Tennessee, this whiskey is sourced from Canada—exactly to American rye whiskey specifications—and then aged in New York for at least four years before being transferred to Tennessee, where it is left for further aging. Uncle Nearest emptied barrels. Victoria then tastes the liquor and moves it barrel by barrel.


“While researching Nearest Green, I found a handwritten letter from President William Taft,” said Fawn Weaver, the founder, and CEO of Uncle Nearest. The letter was dated May 16, 1911, and addressed to his U.S. Secretary of War, Jacob M. Dickinson, who thanked him for sending his favorite rye whiskey of the “Lincoln County variety.” This letter led me to believe that rye whiskeys were made in the region, so when I found this letter, I had no doubt that it was rye whiskey. “one day would be added to our whiskey lineup.”

Uncle Nearest founder and CEO Fawn Weaver believe that Tennessee-made rye whiskey has historical precedence, based on a letter she found written by President William Taf (even though rye is not produced in the state, as mentioned earlier).

According to a press release, “the letter was dated May 16, 1911, and was addressed to [Taft] Secretary of War Jacob M. Dickinson, thanking him for sending his favorite rye whiskey of the “Lincoln County variety.” This letter led me to believe that rye whiskeys were produced in the area, so when I found this letter, I had no doubt that one day we would add a rye whiskey to our range.”

Uncle Nearest Straight Rye Whiskey is available for $59, More whiskeys are coming next month, including Uncle Nearest Single Barrel Black Label ($79; launches 11/25), a more widely available version of the brand’s Tennessee single barrel whiskey, and Uncle Nearest Single Barrel Rye ( $8; launches 12/15. These are all part of the distillery’s ” 12 Weeks of Christmas campaign, which includes special gift packs and bottle signings at the distillery. The whiskeys will initially be available at your nearest Green Distillery and then online at Reserve Bar.

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