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Abu Dhabi Art Fair: A must-see for all art lovers!

Abu Dhabi Art has announced that entry to the upcoming art fair, which takes place from 16-20 November, will be free for all visitors in Manarat Al Saadiyat in November.

The free entry highlights Abu Dhabi Art’s ongoing commitment to nurturing and supporting local art and culture and is made possible by Charles Zuber, the second major sponsor of the 2022 fair.

High-end neo-Swiss jewelry and watch brand Charles Zuber becomes a driving force in the luxury market, presenting exclusively at Abu Dhabi Art this year. Visitors will see an opening of fine art and artwork curated by NFT photographer Lara Zankoul, inspired by the brand’s ethos and creative philosophy, embodying dimension, movement and distortion.

Mohamed Hilal Group, another main sponsor of Abu Dhabi Art, is also promoting the luxury perfume brand Hind Al Oud, inviting visitors to experience this “Ahojas” moment: think, feel, create.

An immersive perfume experience invites visitors to explore their emotions in relation to the sense of smell. Hind Al Oud is the sensual formation of the Mohamad Hilal Group, a group that strives to bring emotion to every aspect, regardless of the nature of the field. Hind Al Oud creates a sensory journey using unique ingredients to create exquisite scents that evoke deep emotions.

Abu Dhabi Art Director Dyala Nusseibeh said: “Free entry to the fair fulfills our great ambition by offering a wide audience the opportunity to participate in the cultural program of the art fair, maintaining our business.” DNA as a space for selling and buying works of art The gallery is a place for gallery presentations, exhibitions, artist commissions, and art workshops, and through discussions at the fairs, it offers a diverse experience to a diverse audience, and with this new initiative, we welcome all audiences. We are happy to find Charles Zuber and Mohamad Hilal Group as partners with whom we share a passion for supporting creativity and innovation in the cultural sector. It is exciting that Charles Zuber was practically born in Abu Dhabi art this year, leaving us a special legacy of support.

Vincent Perego, deputy director of Charles Zuber, said: “We are delighted to bring the world of Charles Zuber to life at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair through the eyes of size, movement, and distortion.” The world of Charles Zuber is an expression of denial. Swiss luxury with a bold edge, an escape from the predictable, and an abundance of movement.

Mohamed Hilal, CEO of Mohamed Hilal Group, said: “We are delighted to bring visitors to the Abu Dhabi Art Fair on an emotional adventure with the unique and inspiring fragrances of Hind Al Oud.” Our goal is to engage guests in an artistic exploration of the scents created by Hind Al Oud to connect every emotion with an inspiring perfume experience.

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