Adani Commissions Mumbai’s First 400-KV Grid, Meeting Growing Power Demand

Adani Energy results Ltd( AESL) has taken a significant step to address Mumbai’s growing power requirements by commissioning the megacity’s first 400- KV grid line. As per IANS, this achievement, through the Kharghar Vikhroli Transmission Ltd( KVTL), will enhance the being transmission and distribution capacity, bringing an fresh 1000MW of power to Mumbai. 

The megacity has endured two major grid failures in recent times, causing significant dislocations. The new Kharghar- Vikhroli line aims to help similar incidents in the future, furnishing a dependable source of 1,000 MW of power. This 400 KV grid within Mumbai’s external limits will ameliorate the megacity’s electricity import capability, enhancing overall trustability and stability. 

The design, which had been in planning for over a decade, faced detainments due to colorful factors, including competition among power suppliers to the megacity. It’s pivotal for Mumbai as the being transmission capacity is inadequate to meet the megacity’s growing power demands. 

This development won’t only support transportation systems like the pellet train and Metro Rail but also profit marketable and domestic establishments. KVTL comprises roughly 74 circuit kilometers of 400 kV and 220 kV transmission lines, along with a 1,500 MVA 400kV Gas Insulated Substation( Civilians) at Vikhroli, the first of its kind by Mumbai. It boasts a compact design, minimizing space conditions, and crushed challenges like delicate terrain and height restrictions using innovative ways. 

Starting from Kharghar in Navi Mumbai, the KVTL design traverses civic areas and terminates at Vikhroli in Mumbai megacity. Another significant power line on the horizon is the forthcoming Kudu- Aarey line, set to bring an fresh 1000MW of power to Mumbai. Presently, Mumbai’s rising power demands are met by AESL, Tata Power, Stylish, and a small portion served by the MSEB, inclusively serving millions of consumers in the megacity.


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