Delhi’s Top Pioneer of Plant-Based Protein is here!

The vegan Food or Plant-Based Food industry is one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. Vezlay Foods Private Limited is a Delhi-based company founded by Mr. Amit Bajaj in 2011. The brand Vezlay is the largest manufacturer of innovative “Plant-Based Protein & Mock Meat”. 

The company has achieved huge success in its domestic market as well as in the high protein foods vegan category, with its products being sold across more than 60 outlets in various cities including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore, etc.

There is a vast scope of growth in this industry. To capture the significant market share, we are increasing our presence on a pan-India basis through other sales & marketing channels. After capturing the Indian market, now we are planning to expand our brand in the overseas market.

 Most of the Indian population lacks adequate protein intake in their daily diet. Therefore, India is always quoted as a protein-deficient country. Also, our teenagers are very fond of Junk Food and unhealthy fast foods. Even Cafes/Canteens in schools, colleges, and other institutions serve fast and junk food. They do not have more healthy options. 

 So, keeping this aspect in mind, Mr. Amit Bajaj came up with an innovative idea to eliminate protein deficiency and provide a healthy replacement for Junk Foods.

Fast Foods are in the form of a complete healthy range of Ready to Eat food products under the brand “Vezlay”. 

Vezlay is formed with a vision to provide an innovative solutions package for health and deliciousness to our customers for making the value of life.

Under the guidance of Mr Amit Bajaj, after deep research, he, along with his R&D team, has innovated a vast range of Plant-Based ready-to-eat food products with high protein value.

“There is a huge potential in the Food Sector in India. The ready to Eat food sector is booming and growing exponentially. Our new generation is very fond of modern foods. India is one of the world’s biggest food markets”, said Mr Amit Bajaj, Founder, and Director of Vezlay.  

Plant-Based Protein food and Healthy Snacking

Vezlay is not a simple food product. It is a complete package of health and deliciousness to our customers for making the value of life and a promise of a “Healthy Smile”.

The brand commits to caring for our Next Generation and Environment, with the aim of innovation to inculcate “cruelty-free food habits”. 

The brand Vezlay foods are widely accepted and appreciated by vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food lovers. We have innovated more than 40 products in the mock meat and plant-based meat categories. Due to this innovative product range, we have received many awards, of which “Golden Books of World Records is one of the most prestigious awards we have achieved.

plant based protien

Apart from Vezlay, few companies in this industry manufacture mock meat. Still, they have a vast range of products under different categories like Raw Mock Meat, Ready to Eat, Ready to Grill, Ready to Fry, Heat and Eat, and many more. The taste and texture of their products are more authentic and traditional. The product range covers Indian, Chinese, Thi, Mughlai, and continental tastes.

Taste and texture-wise, our products are very close to the non-veg. Also, the nutrition value of our products is high. The taste of our products is so authentic that it spellbound the customer. The brand has received inspiring feedback from our customers, not only from India but also from overseas. You can find many video clips of the customers sharing their valuable feedback available on their different social media pages. 

vegan food

Most of their products are frozen and require -18 degrees centigrade for storage. Therefore, its storage, transportation, and timely delivery are very challenging and expensive parts of this industry. Vezlay is trying to challenge and deliver the best value to the customers.

The brand believes that food should be simple, tasty, and nutritious at the same time while it should help us live a long healthy life without any compromise on taste or quality. Its aim is to give people an opportunity to enjoy delicious meals without compromising on health benefits or taste!

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