How baseline is periodically updated based on your data, sleep and health-related inputs?

A healthy baseline is essentially where we stand on a broad spectrum of physical, mental and emotional health. It is often a critical starting point for achieving future health goals. Dozee’s advanced algorithms, trained over millions of data points, can flag cases of early health deterioration by tracking deviation from your healthy baseline.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Dozee learns from your data and identifies your personalized healthy state or healthy baseline. With frequent usage, Dozee learns more and more about your healthy state. Once the healthy baselines are set, Dozee helps in the early identification of health deterioration by monitoring the variations from the healthy baseline.

Every human body has a different baseline (respiration, heartbeat frequency). Deviation from the usual baseline often indicates an underlying condition.

When a person uses Dozee for the first time, a general baseline is set in accordance with their age, BMI and gender. After one week of usage with a minimum of 4 nights of data, our algorithm customizes the baseline according to the user’s body vitals. Baselines get updated on a weekly basis.

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