New Q5 Electric Tricycle With Canopy Design Launched!

Recently, electric scooters and other battery-powered two-wheeled vehicles have become popular in urban areas, especially in cities with heavy traffic. However, they offer no protection against the elements, making them unsuitable for use on rainy or snowy days. 

To solve this, electronic mopeds with their own canopies have become popular. Chinese manufacturer Tailing Electric Vehicle has just announced one. 
The Tailing Q5 electric tricycle is actually a battery-operated tricycle for children. The tricycle has a compact design and can be used as a door-to-door ride or simply as an under-the-hood toy for children. So the scooter does not require a regular driver’s license, but it can be registered.


The electric tricycle is really eye-catching and cool. At the front, it has a pair of panda-lens headlights. However, the biggest highlight of the new electric tricycle is that it comes with sunglasses to protect the user from the sun or rain. Since it is installed from the factory, you will not have problems with law enforcement.

The driving style of the vehicle is the same as that of ordinary electric cars. The gas pedal controls the acceleration of the vehicle, and the brake pedal is on the right foot. The vehicle also has an LCD instrument cluster that can display information such as battery capacity and speed in kilometers per hour.
The electric tricycle is equipped with a 110-pound drum brake in front and a 130-pound drum brake in the back. In addition, the vehicle has an ARS one-touch repair function.
In terms of power, it is equipped with a 500-watt sine wave motor and Tailing’s intelligent cloud controller to prevent slipping. The battery specifications are 72V/20AH, and the battery lasts about 70 kilometers on a full charge.

No word yet on price and availability, but we’re guessing it will be a China exclusive.


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